How Web Content Filtering and IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Secure Your Business

How Web Content Filtering and IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Secure Your Business

With social media use at workplaces at its all-time high, it is important for business owners and business unit managers to look into IT consulting in Los Angeles to limit employees from visiting websites that don’t serve a business purpose. Such websites not only undermine the employee productivity, but pose a security threat to sensitive business information because of the malware and other threats contained in some of the unapproved sites. This is why it is more important than ever for managers and business owners to employ content filtering within the office. So, what is web content filtering? How does web content filtering improve productivity? Why should businesses in Los Angeles and other areas be keen to employ web content filtering in their businesses?

Web Content Filtering

A web filter is a piece of protective software that is programmed to restrict access to certain websites on a certain network of computers. This helps stop workers from engaging in time-wasting activities and exposing the company’s information to the outside world. Through IT consulting in Los Angeles, we can provide secure gateways, restricting the following activities:

  • Employees using the office Internet for non-business activities such as a social media surfing, online shopping, watching videos on YouTube, watching adult content, or conducting personal businesses
  • Access to potentially malicious websites will be denied instantly. Any malicious emails laced with malware and viruses will automatically be destroyed and won’t reach the inbox.
  • Content filtering by the specific types of files that can be downloaded and uploaded from the office computers.
  • URL content filtering blocks outbound traffic to command and control servers which are normally used by cyber criminals and hackers to get into company systems and do harm.

Improving Business Output

With all of the above restrictions in mind, how does web content filtering improve the productivity and security in businesses? These are just three of the benefits you will see:

  • Web content filtering means that employees will not waste time trying to stream videos or visiting social media pages because the content filters won’t let them. This means that more time will be put to productive use and the returns will be higher. This is ideally what every business owner and manager wants from his/her employees.
  • Now that the company information and systems are protected from hackers and any malware, very little time and resources will be allocated to try and resolve cases of unwarranted access or sudden loss of information. This means that the overall losses and inconveniences in the company will be reduced.
  • Secure web gateways also reduce the network and storage costs because of the limited media streaming and unnecessary download of large files. This boosts the productivity of any business because of the low costs.

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