How to Go Beyond the Reactive Model with Managed IT Services in Los Angeles

How to Go Beyond the Reactive Model with Managed IT Services in Los Angeles

There are different IT management models, but for many small to medium enterprises, the usual model they first adopt is reactive. It’s especially true for businesses trying to do everything on their own instead of outsourcing to providers of managed IT services in Los Angeles.

What Is The Reactive Model?

The reactive model is characterized by addressing problems as they happen. For businesses still trying to find their footing (think startups), it’s the most obvious choice. After all, how can growing businesses design processes and create strategies if they don’t know what they’re dealing with yet? They can’t plan ahead at that point. Thus, the reactive model gives them the initial flexibility they need as they figure out what approaches work and what don’t.

But the reactive model has its issues. Because businesses are looking for solutions on the fly, their processes are undefined and their tools are ad hoc. They don’t follow clear standards, so their methods vastly differ for the same concerns. Documentation is also virtually non-existent. As a result, effective processes aren’t clearly separated from the effective ones. This leaves staff repeating mistakes without realizing it.

Also, the reactive model is more focused on solving problems instead of avoiding them. This is the result of making the IT infrastructure operational without enough planning beforehand. Possible roadblocks aren’t anticipated, so businesses are taken by surprise whenever one happens.

What Are The Effects Of The Reactive Model?

Although most businesses begin with the reactive model, they shouldn’t stick with it for too long because it has a negative impact on operations. With the lack of best practices, the flexibility afforded by the reactive model quickly turns to weakness. Problems have a tendency of piling up when mismanaged, leaving businesses with less time to organize their processes. Then it reaches a point when they’re so overwhelmed that they can’t do anything else but to react (hence, the name).

This behind-the-scenes chaos doesn’t go unnoticed by customers. They will encounter more unscheduled downtimes and security gaps. The services they receive will become more erratic and unreliable. When it gets too much, they’ll leave and look for other businesses that can offer better services.

How Can Your Business Move On From The Reactive Model?

If your business has been on the reactive model for longer than it should be, then maybe it’s time to admit that you need the help of managed IT services in Los Angeles. Transitioning to proactive model isn’t easy, and sometimes, it can’t be done alone. However, a third-party service provider can ease the burden off your shoulders regardless of how unorganized your processes are.

Such a provider usually specializes in managed IT services, so they are dedicated to handling your operations on their own infrastructure and by their own staff. You just pay a subscription fee in exchange for all these services, enabling you to focus on your core business needs.

But not all providers are of the same caliber. For the best managed IT services in Los Angeles, choose no less than DCG Technical Solutions. We deliver creative solutions even for the biggest problems. Contact us now to start your transition to a better IT management model.