IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Secure Your File Sharing

IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Secure Your File Sharing


When it comes to file-sharing, proper IT consulting in Los Angeles can give you the necessary information to keep your business from being compromised by cybercrime. According to, cybercrime will be a two trillion-dollar industry by 2019. One of the primary means of incursion is through ransomware. But there are other cybercrime incursions. Spyware, adware, malware in general, security leaks, data theft, asset theft, embezzlement--- the list goes on.

One of the weakest areas a business has is in the area of data transfer. IT consulting in Los Angeles can help solidify this necessary infrastructural component of operations. The following are several methods which will necessarily help ensure your data is transferred securely. In brief, several methods include:

  • Clearly stated policies
  • Transparency and visibility
  • Full IT management control
  • Education of employees regularly
  • Regulations compliance as appropriate
  • Regular audits and the assessment of sharing practices

Clearly Stated Policies

You need to have organizational parameters in place and they must be known throughout your operation. As technology develops, systems of file synchronization which justify things like cloud computing, BYOD solutions, and IoT innovations become necessary. You've got to look at burgeoning technology and find where policies can be put into play.

Transparency and Visibility

Transparency and visibility are necessary for internal IT solutions to identify weaknesses and encourage best practices. Your company needs to give the IT professionals on-staff tools necessary for success.

Full Management and Control

IT professionals who have the ability to access, share, and safeguard enterprise documents will be able to decrease instances of data compromise. They should have full management in this sphere of operations.

Regular Education of Employees

There need to be training and awareness protocols which regularly educate employees, managers, and even contractors. Partners must understand that data loss comes with substantial risk, so does data theft. But collaboration is necessary, and so are upgrades. What's going to happen is that, though cloud-computing and other advanced computational tech are available, they don't represent the "end game" technologically. New data transfer, protection, and utilization protocols will develop. If you don't have regular training sessions, then old protocols which aren't requisite to the task of security may be followed when they shouldn't be. You must consistently update everyone who has access to data and is apt to transfer files.

Regulations Compliance as Appropriate

This is going to have different qualities depending on the industry. Certain industries have certain needs when it comes to data transference. Be sure you are in compliance with necessary legal regulations and that you remain up-to-date on them. The likelihood is they will change from what they were. They have to as technology develops.

Regular Audits and Assessments

You need to regularly check up on your existing practices to ensure they're up to the task of properly securing your operational needs. Things have changed substantially in the last 30 years. Even in the last five years, substantial infrastructural changes have developed. Ensure you're properly up to date.


IT consulting in Los Angeles from DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. helps you ensure your operations are at their peak security. Contact us to help secure your systems in a proactive, effective way that is affordable and will safeguard your most sensitive data.