Los Angeles IT Services Provide Necessary Cloud Data Backup Solutions

Los Angeles IT Services Provide Necessary Cloud Data Backup Solutions

Could You Survive Ten Days With A Downed System?

Los Angeles IT services providers have business continuity planning honed to a fine art and they have to. Apparently, cybercrime is an industry that is currently between $500 billion and $2 trillion--- it's set to hit the latter number by 2019. This predicates defense solutions, but surprisingly, many businesses don't make backup and recovery a priority. This is especially astonishing when you stop to consider that roughly 93% of businesses who lose systems ten or more days go bankrupt by the end of the year in which the incursion took place.

You need to have some business continuity contingency available. If you're unfamiliar with business continuity, it is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, it's a previously-determined protocol which makes it so that should the worst case scenario happen, you can get back on track with minimal losses.

One of the most secure solutions for business continuity that is available today is sourced through the cloud. With cloud computing, you've got a dedicated provider running a server array designed to be exceptionally secure. It's part of their business model to ensure security. If they have lax measures, then they lose clientele and it impacts their bottom line. Having top-tier tech support is par for the course with a provider of Los Angeles IT services offering cloud computing BDR (backup and data recovery) solutions.

Developing Tech

Additionally, such providers must remain on the cutting edge. They must continuously research. One reason for this is that technology isn't static; it is in continuous development. Proof positive, cloud computing solutions weren't available in the affordable, effective concentrations that can be utilized today even five years ago.

If you're having trouble understanding the cloud and why it is as secure as it is, think of a hologram. When it comes to holograms, what is captured is light diffusion in a space. This means that if you cut a hologram in half, you could still reconstruct the rest of the picture with the data contained in only one half.

Or look at it this way: each server is a data-point--- an LED on a billboard flashing across Broadway's Time Square. Where the analogy breaks down is distance. With a billboard, if you're too far away you can't see it. With the cloud, anywhere you have access to the Internet, you can have access to an isolated pocket of servers compounding computational technology--- you can have worldwide access to the cloud.

As greater pixels make a higher-resolution picture, more servers make a more computationally powerful cloud solution. When you backup your data to such a service for purposes of business continuity, you can harness that computing power to reboot operations if a data breach forces a reboot.

Local backups can be effective, but they won't be as technologically cutting-edge, as fast, or secured by dedicated professionals whose prerogative is system's maintenance.

Condensed Cloud Backup Features

Advantages of cloud computing BDR Include:

  • Top-tier, cutting-edge maintenance
  • Dedicated support
  • Expedient recovery
  • Continuing tech upgrades

When you're on the hunt for cloud business continuity solutions, DCG Technical Solutions offers Los Angeles IT services and cloud computing support that are cost-effective and technologically exceptional. Contact us for the latest in cloud computing solutions for continuity security.