IT Consulting in Los Angeles Recommends Outsourced Tech Solutions

IT Consulting in Los Angeles Recommends Outsourced Tech Solutions

Primary Reasons to Go the Outsourced Route

IT consulting in Los Angeles has always been of that "cutting-edge" variety. It has to be. LA is one of those places which pride themselves on being ahead of the curve. With that in mind, it should make any business owner cock an eyebrow when it develops that LA consultants are regularly advising companies to go the outsourced tech route. There are a number of reasons why, including:

  • Cutting-edge IT innovation
  • Solutions in financial technology regions
  • Cloud computing, IoT, and security

Cutting-Edge IT Innovation

Moore's law observes that technological computational innovations double on themselves between every one and two years, depending on who you ask. This means the computer of two years ago is a generation behind those you can buy new at the department store today. Even so, it's possible to get between two and five years out of a given digital device, provided everything is properly maintained, shipped, upgraded, stored, and monitored. If that sounds expensive, it is. Depreciation among computers is very high, and in light of cloud computing, causes companies to lose tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Solutions in Financial Technology Regions

Speaking of losses, financial tech is changing the world. Between PayPal, BitCoin, and all the other digital means of wealth-shuffling available for a business's use today, there is an entirely new realm of finances beginning to claim the 21st century. Consider PayPal in order to get your mind around the tip of the iceberg. If you are paid for something via PayPal on Friday, it won't be in your account until Monday. If you're paid on Wednesday, it won't usually be in your account until Friday. But, it's digital.

It doesn't take that long for digital asset transfer from one account to another. The reason so much lag exists is because government-enforced bureaucratic ACH (Automated Clearing House) regulations restrict instantaneous transfer of funds. Your business needs to understand this and act accordingly. Outsourcing to a tech agency who regularly works in such currencies can help you get insight and maximize your financial ventures.

Cloud Computing, IoT, and Security

IT consulting in Los Angeles primarily focuses on cloud computing solutions… and for good reason. The cloud's saving businesses billions globally. Instead of paying for servers, transit, storage, maintenance, and all the other things listed earlier, businesses simply pay a recurring and predictable fee. After that, cloud solutions provide the same kind of services an on-site server array would, but at a fraction of the cost. When you then put idiosyncrasies of the cloud to work, like consolidation of data from IoT (Internet of Things) devices, suddenly you're getting more value for that fractional expense.

Then you've got security. Backup and Data Recovery, or BDR, is easily facilitated via the cloud and curtails downtime exceptionally. With any business, the more savings that can be sourced, the better. For additional security concerns, hybrid cloud solutions are also available.

Maximizing Potential through Available Resources

IT consulting in Los Angeles from DCG Technical Solutions is designed to help you consolidate operations, expand your brand, and conserve resources. Contact us to see how modern innovations in security, finances, and cloud tech can fundamentally transform your business for the better.