IT Consulting Experts in Los Angeles: Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi on Your Company Devices!

IT Consulting Experts in Los Angeles: Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi on Your Company Devices!

Using public Wi-Fi on your company's mobile devices is a major security threat, according to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles. It is something that you may never have thought of before. However, hackers have and they are exploiting that naiveté.

Free public Wi-Fi is so easy and convenient. Just step within its zone and authenticate. You might have to agree to their network policy, but other than that, you are free to surf. You have likely done it with your personal devices for years and not thought much about it. But have you also done the same thing with one of your company devices? How about your employees?

When you or your employees use public Wi-Fi, you are opening up your network to any number of high-risk threats. You can suffer theft of critical passwords or open up your network to malware and other cyber threats. That is what you are risking for a few minutes of convenience.

The Middle Man

The most common way a hacker will leverage a public Wi-Fi is by posing as the Wi-Fi hotspot itself. You walk into a cafe or bookstore and let your device find a public Wi-Fi. The phone connects to the hacker's fake public Wi-Fi instead of the real one. You--- not even the phone--- don’t know the difference, but the hacker does.

When you are connected to the hacker's hot spot, everything you send or do is being grabbed by the hacker. That includes passwords, network authentication codes, sensitive personal data, and much more. In addition, the hacker can send malware to your device and then into your company's network. That is a major threat.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Company from the Public Wi-Fi Threat?

According to IT consulting experts in Los Angeles, you need to make some critical choices when it comes to how your company's devices are used outside of your network. If your employees take smart devices or laptops outside of your network, they need to adhere to strict guidelines to keep your company safe.

  • They should never use public Wi-Fi, especially to access company systems or assets, like financial institution accounts related to your business.
  • All external communication with internal assets should be through a VPN that keeps all the data encrypted.
  • Enable two-factor authentication for any access to company systems from outside devices.
  • Never access websites which begin with HTTP. Only those with HTTPS should be allowed.
  • Turn off automatic Wi-Fi connectivity on all company devices that can leave the premises. That way, the phone won't automatically connect without someone authorizing it.
  • Instead of public Wi-Fi, provide an unlimited data plan on all devices so there is no need to use a public connection.

Every time you or one of your employees uses a company device on a public Wi-Fi connection, you are risking all your company's digital assets. It is not a risk worth taking. If you need assistance with getting your company's mobile devices secured, you need to bring in IT consulting experts in Los Angeles. At DCG Technical Solutions, we are here to help. Contact us today for more information.