IT Support in Los Angeles: How IoT Solutions Can Transform Your Business

IT Support in Los Angeles: How IoT Solutions Can Transform Your Business

What is the Internet of Things?

IT support in Los Angeles is constantly in transition and that seems to be an increasing trend today. Moore's Law has hit an exponential level where maintaining knowledge of that which defines the cutting edge today is a full-time job. Computers are in our cars, they are in our phones, our watches--- they're even in our thermostats, refrigerators, and bedroom lighting solutions today. You can install an LED display which is controllable from your smartphone. With a swipe of the screen, you can change the mood from industrious to seductive.

This, in a nutshell, is the Internet of Things or IoT. It's that expansive digital networks which have grown beyond computers and come to characterize a multiplicity of devices. Wi-Fi control and manipulation are more cost-effective and applicable today than ever and distinct advantages can be seen for those who employ such solutions in an industrial or operational capacity. Three primary advantages managed IoT solutions bring to businesses include:

  • Optimized security
  • Better data management and exploitation
  • Storage solutions and BDR

Optimized Security

IT support in Los Angeles facilitating IoT solutions provides better surveillance, asset tracking, proactive alerts, fleet management, and telematics applications. Through IoT, customer, partner, and supplier transactions can be tracked in real time. Real-time tracking of transactions can ensure that everything arrives as it should. It can help curtail fraud--- those who say they didn't receive something when they did. When alerts come proactively, that allows you to immediately address issues as they crop up. Management of a fleet can help identify troublesome drivers or routes. All these things together characterize only a portion of the potentialities IoT brings to security.

Better Data Management and Exploitation

Today, there is a large demand for big data. Why? Big data can save tens of thousands annually for large businesses--- even millions, dependent on the size of the organization. Consider a group like Safeway, which has stores nationwide. Supply chains that are constantly monitored via IoT can be optimized to curtail costs in distributions. If you saved a dollar per route on 1,000 routes daily, that's between $28,000 and $31,000 a month--- that's up to $365,000 annually. Provided you're able to save just one dollar per route across a thousand distribution routes via IoT.

Additionally, IoT can help expand workforce mobility. A DaaS (Desktop as a Service) application can be launched through the cloud which is accessible through any Internet-enabled device. Smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch, or smartcar, your employees can access needed information on the go. Ultimately this improves your operational protocols and processes over time.

Storage Optimization

With IoT, you've got ubiquitous devices constantly sending information to the cloud, where it is securely stored as necessary. Clients can keep the data or liquidate it, but while it is on the cloud, it is securely stored, accessible, and usable.

Optimizing Your Business

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you adopt IoT, cloud computing, managed services, BDR (Backup and Data Recovery), and more. Together, such new innovations can help you reap data otherwise intangible, maximize existing data sets, and cumulatively optimize your business. Storage, security, and data management all benefit from IoT. Contact us for more optimization information.