Managed IT Services in Los Angeles May Very Well Conserve Your Business’s Resources

Managed IT Services in Los Angeles May Very Well Conserve Your Business’s Resources

Crunching the Numbers

IT services in Los Angeles that are managed proactively, in a flat-rate model, will very likely save your business money. This is especially true if you use such managed services to upgrade your infrastructural operations. For example, making the switch to a cloud computing solution as opposed to hosting your network on-site can substantially reduce your IT costs. Several prime areas where managed services are likely to reduce your business expenses include:

  • Personnel
  • Infrastructural management
  • Downtime losses


If you're a small to medium-sized business (SMB) with between 20 to 60 employees, it's foreseeable that one individual will be hired for delivery of IT services. This person helps acquire, install, manage, upgrade, and secure internal systems. This person has to understand almost every aspect of operations; from desktops to networks and everything in between. As such, technology personnel often end up being expensive; and they may not be able to properly deliver support because there's just too much for them to do. Then you end up hiring another tech person.

However, for argument's sake, perhaps say only one is needed. Now, say you get a great deal on this single individual and are able to hire them at a salary of $30,000 a year. That's actually pretty unlikely; you're more likely to end up paying $50,000+--- even into the $100,000 range, depending on your needs. Still, conservatively, if you're paying someone $30,000 a year and found a managed support solution which proactively maintains, monitors, upgrades, and troubleshoots systems for $2,000 a month, you save a minimum of $6,000 annually. In fact, you're likely to find top-tier managed support around the $1,000/month range and under--- again, depending on your needs. The key is going the flat-rate route and avoiding the fixed-rate route, as fixed-rate services have a way of ultimately becoming more expensive.

Infrastructural Management

IT services providers in Los Angeles can offer solutions like cloud computing, remote monitoring and management (RMM), backup and data recovery (BDR), security, and more. You can even institute solutions which "float" a desktop--- Desktop as a Service (DaaS)--- such that your network can be securely accessed from anywhere. With the right managed services company, you'll be able to properly secure your network as well. All of this can be done more expediently and cost-effectively than the vast majority of internal solutions. Plus, you have the advantage of industry professionalism across diverse platforms informing the services you receive.

Downtime Losses

Over its life, your business is very likely to encounter emergencies, accidents, and unforeseen situations wherein computer systems crash or are unavailable. With limited resources, internal solutions may not be able to catch an operation-critical error in time. If they do, they may not be able to get everything working again so quickly. Meanwhile, BDR through cloud computing can prevent downtime through increased proactive monitoring of such situations. Additionally, public components of your systems can be launched seamlessly so the clientele doesn't experience inconvenience due to a possible operational issue. Recovery solutions today are unparalleled, and MSPs can help you fully capitalize on them.

Securing a Managed Services Solution

IT services in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help your business cut costs and optimize operations. Contact us for security, infrastructure, and innovation in technology.