Why IT Consulting in Los Angeles Should Explore Virtualization

Why IT Consulting in Los Angeles Should Explore Virtualization

In order for IT consulting firms in Los Angeles to keep up with modern technology, it's important for them to offer virtualization. This solution involves managing multiple virtual servers on one physical platform. It provides your business with operational simplicity and flexibility by setting up redundant servers on a single interface, saving you time and money. Here are compelling reasons why virtualization can make your business more efficient. :

Key Virtualization Benefits

  • Extends the life of your system
  • Reduces the odds of downtime
  • Allows you to avoid outdated equipment and applications
  • Makes it easier to integrate new technology
  • Prepares your business for easier cloud migration

Design a System with Isolated Applications

One of the biggest advantages of server virtualization is that it bypasses OS compatibility issues. Virtualization allows you to partition your applications so that each one runs on its own operating system. Since each business unit has its own separate infrastructure, if one segment or OS is somehow breached, it won't disrupt your entire business. The most sophisticated IT consulting firms in Los Angeles have adopted this model of one application or group of related applications per virtual server.

This concept of consolidating virtual machines on less physical servers reduces the problem of wasted server space. Freeing up space lets you easily add new applications or reallocate existing ones. Your virtual machines can be organized so that they use the precise amount of CPU, memory, and storage necessary. Ultimately, by using resources more efficiently, you will cut costs on cooling and won't need to invest in as many computers.

Create More Reliable Business Continuity

By using multiple operating systems, you can eliminate downtime completely during maintenance work or live migration. Through distributed resource scheduling, you can define allocation rules for resources, which can be controlled either manually or with automation. This feature ensures that computing workloads can be balanced with available resources as you see fit.

Distributed resource scheduling gives you the flexibility to easily add, remove, test, or reorganize applications without interfering with business continuity. In other words, virtual machines can be redistributed whenever a particular server starts to have storage or maintenance issues. You'll have the option to quickly move a virtual machine from one server to another without resorting to downtime.

Improve Disaster Recovery

The last thing your business needs is constant stress about what might happen in a power outage or a cyberattack. Virtualization helps you sleep better at night and puts you in a better position to restore data and applications immediately in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. You will no longer have to depend on specific hardware and you will cut costs on replicating your primary infrastructure.

Additionally, you'll be able to test your DR plan without disrupting your business. Should disaster strike, the fault tolerance feature of virtualization provides automated failover.


An excellent way to simplify testing and migration, on top of having centralized control of hardware, is to use virtual machines. The most cutting-edge IT consulting firms in Los Angeles offer this solution as a way to increase control over prioritizing resources and reducing costs on hardware and energy. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how virtualization can make your business more secure and efficient.