Why IT Support in Los Angeles is Increasingly Focusing on IoT

Why IT Support in Los Angeles is Increasingly Focusing on IoT

When it comes to IT support in Los Angeles, technology has always been on a razor's edge. Just to the north, Silicon Valley is continuously pumping out developments like some Utopian agricultural implantation in ideal ecological conditions. This has been the case since Moore made his famous observation decades ago. Right now, San Francisco is one of the world's tech capitals. All that technology finds its way to LA pretty quickly. You need MSPs who are equipped to handle it.

We can expect to see between 28 and 30 billion Internet-enabled devices by 2020, according to various reports. Currently, the world population is at about 7.5 billion. That means in three years, everyone will have between 3.73 and 4 Internet-enabled devices on or about them perpetually. Do you think there are 7.5 billion IT professionals in the world? There certainly are not. This means there will need to be continuous, dedicated support for such products. Following are several strategies to help you maximize your IoT usage:

  • Play the long game
  • Expand beyond in-house IT solutions for IoT implementation
  • Large and small business strategies

Play the Long Game

MSPs that understand the trends are providing IoT solutions as a means of expanding and maintaining the IT support in Los Angeles they provide. As you consider implementing IoT, you are going to want affiliation with groups who are already on the cutting edge and looking to expand their foothold there. As you search for MSP support, it is very wise to find that which has already adopted some IoT application and management solution. You'll want that kind of management in the long run. Security, network optimization and management, effectiveness, data analysis, smart manufacturing, and more benefit from MSP support in this area.

Beyond In-House IT IoT Solutions

An IT solution you pursue in-house has limitations built in. They've got to maintain your existing systems, and that itself is a full-time job. It means acquisition, upgrade, installation, troubleshooting, backup management, and monitoring. Then your in-house IT has to keep end user portals functional, handle support tickets--- the list goes on. Piling IoT on top of an already over-full workload isn't going to be very effective. Of course, you can always hire additional in-house IT professionals, but at the minimum, each one will cost you $30k. Meanwhile, outsourcing to an IT agency that is continuously expanding its own IoT professionalism can get you exceptional utility while conserving your resources.

Large and Small Business Strategies

IoT can benefit large and small businesses similarly--- it all depends on the business, of course. A large organization likely can save much more and acquire much more actionable data than a small one. Still, with IoT, you can unlock doors, turn on lights, set the thermostat, turn on music, activate computers and surveillance, and more with the swipe of a smartphone screen. You may be able to surrogate an employee with IoT--- it all depends on the skill of installation, and MSPs are ideal for this.

Optimizing Your Business

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. is designed to save your business money while expanding your potentiality, large or small. Additionally, IoT sets you up for future success IoT normalization becomes constant. Contact us for reliable IoT solutions.