You Need IT Consulting in Los Angeles for These Top Security Threats of IoT

You Need IT Consulting in Los Angeles for These Top Security Threats of IoT

As a business owner in this modern world of technology, you should be familiar with the security threats posed by the IoT or Internet of Things. Certain issues with the IoT are on the rise and they present a risk to you and your business. You need an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles to help you with your business’ cyber security.

IoT Defined

First of all, what is IoT? The Internet of Things refers to objects which are interconnected using standard communications protocols, each device having its own unique address. The IoT includes any device which has the ability to communicate outside itself, such as copiers that can send messages to the service company and refrigerators that can signal your cell phone when the milk is low. And, of course, your smartphone, laptop, and desktop are all part of the IoT.

Every new IoT-enabled device poses an added security risk to your network because it is a new entry point for cyberattacks. That is why it is so critical to understand the latest IoT security trends and to take action where needed. Here are some things to consider:


Hackers are creating malware specifically targeting the IoT platforms. IoT-enabled devices use software that gives them the ability to perform certain self-checks and to send that data out to a specific destination, such as a service center or your cell phone. The cyberattacks are focused on that software. If the attacker can get the malware installed on the device, then they have access inside your network, which is a high-risk breach of security for any company.

IoT-Specific Security Products

Developers are working on IoT-specific security products. With all the vulnerabilities of the IoT, cyber security companies are starting to fill in the security gaps. In the next year, you will see security products emerging that enhance the safety available on IoT devices.

Data Encryption

Data encryption will become a standard for all kinds of data. It is fairly a standard protocol to send sensitive data in encrypted form to protect the information from falling into the wrong hands. However, even non-sensitive data has value to a hacker who can use it to find gaps in your cyber security protocols. Your IT consulting partner in Los Angeles should be able to help you with your business’ security.

AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help enhance security protection. Every user has their own specific behaviors. Advanced sensors will allow an AI-enhanced device to detect a specific person based on their behaviors (movements, typing method, words used, etc.). If someone else tries to use or access the device, it can require stronger authentication or even shut down access.

Security Education

Enhanced security education is a must. Everyone who works with IoT-enabled devices needs to understand the security risks these objects represent and the common ways to prevent or mitigate the risks. This will require additional education for employees and business owners.


Every IoT device on your business network poses an additional risk to your cyber security. Shutting down their inter-connectivity is a short-term solution for a longer-term problem--- that is why understanding the security threats that the IoT presents is so important. Even more important is figuring out practical ways of fighting them.

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