Why IT Services in Los Angeles are Ideal for Law Firms

Why IT Services in Los Angeles are Ideal for Law Firms

Benefits of a Managed Service Provider

IT services in Los Angeles save legal practices time and money. Here's the thing: IT applications require professionalism that is arguably as intense as that surrounding legal disciplines. Learning how various coding languages work, programming, seeing the results of your software design, and installing hardware that's been designed idiosyncratically (and is your responsibility to maintain) represent just several very complicated, time-consuming aspects of modern IT applications. Network management and cloud computing solutions additionally require a great deal of time, as does IoT or the Internet of Things.

Legal firms often implement IT solutions internally, but sometimes don't hire tech professionals to install and maintain a network. They put someone in the firm--- who has the most technology acumen--- in charge of the task. While this is a fine solution at a lower level of operations, there eventually comes a moment when it isn't feasible. The time it takes to manage a case can be extensive. If your legal staff is additionally managing IT concerns, they won't be operating at their potential. In fact, they'll be treading water in a sense.

One solution is hiring internal tech people, but that's also not a cost-effective proposition--- especially as your legal firm begins to expand. One qualified technology professional likely won't cost you less than $30,000 a year. In fact, you may end up paying this person something like $100,000 a year, depending on the scope of operations and your operational prerogatives.

A More Cost-Effective Solution

IT services in Los Angeles often cost much less than even the price of hiring a single salaried individual, and what's more: you get greater value. From the latest solutions--- because it is competitively necessary for any IT organization to have the most cutting-edge technology they can manage--- to diversified expertise, outsourced tech management brings a lot of value for its surprisingly affordable cost. And that's not to mention security or any of a dozen other optimizing operational assets an MSP could bring to your legal firm. Several additional advantages of MSP solutions worth noting include:

  • Downtime reduction
  • Systems performance enhancement
  • Availability of tech support - 24 x 7 help desk availability

Did you know that Dunn & Bradstreet report 59% of companies experience 1.6 hours of downtime every week? That's 83.2 hours a year. Now the question becomes: what does each hour cost a business? Well, that varies based on size, but $100 is probably too conservative to be acceptable. $1,000 is conservative, but yet realistic for a great number of smaller firms, so that translates to $83,200 annually in collateral losses related to downtime. If an MSP can cut that in half, they've paid for themselves many times over. When you add continuous availability of support and enhancement of your tech systems, the proposition becomes even more attractive. A legal firm can optimize, save time, save money, and expand core focus by maximizing legal staff through the right MSP.

Securing MSP Services for Your Legal Firm

IT services in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions can provide you ever-present support, systems optimization, downtime reduction, security, and savings. Contact us to see how a managed service provider can help your business expand while conserving resources and managing information better.