A vCIO Provided Via IT Support In Los Angeles Can Solve Many Problems

A vCIO Provided Via IT Support In Los Angeles Can Solve Many Problems

What Is A vCIO?

Hiring an IT support team in Los Angeles is the best alternative to having an on-site Chief Information Officer. Your Chief Information Officer is an integral part of operations. But many smaller businesses can't afford to hire such an individual--at least not one with requisite skill. Meanwhile, if you outsource to a virtual Chief Information Officer or vCIO, you can get not only the same kind of technological advantage but at a fraction of the cost. As a matter of fact, it's just likely that you'll get more out of a vCIO early on than a CIO.

Eventually, you'll hit a point where it's better to have a CIO on-site, provided your business continues sustainable expansion. Yet even then, vCIO services can make it so the physical CIO can focus on core operations, allowing for greater innovation, expansion, and profitability. Just consider some of the areas a vCIO most commonly specializes in:

  • Increased security of sensitive information
  • Compliance facilitation
  • Management of business processes
  • Assistance in legal government audit areas

Increased Information Security

IT support in Los Angeles utilizing a vCIO brings diversified expertise to the table, and that is a fundamental need for any business. The more diverse a security professional's background, the greater number of threats they'll likely be able to protect against. Also, they have the backup of the MSP whom they represent. These combined factors can substantively protect your business.

Compliance Facilitation

You will encounter many compliance issues in your regular operations. One of which is making sure that your disaster recovery (DR) plan has the same level of security as your primary website. This is for obvious reasons: cyber criminals who know of a weakness will exploit it; a DR system not as secure as the main one is a sitting duck. An MSP that provides vCIO services can help you retain compliance in all areas of operation, and cost-effectively.

Management of Business Process

There are certain business processes that distinctly benefit from professional support. One of those is your BCP or Business Continuity Protocol. Backup and Data Recovery, or BDR, is an integral component of your BCP; and it includes multiple factors, like RTO and RPO, or Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective. One is the time your business can function without a certain application, the other is how long your business can function entirely between incidents. For both situations, a strong MSP service provider assures business continuity.

Legal and Audit Issues

You're not going to have the diversity of information an MSP will provide if you use an internal CIO. Certainly, they'll have acumen. However, they can't have the same acumen an MSP who regularly deals with multiple clients. Especially when it comes to government audits, legal compliance issues, and the like, most on-site officers won't have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with these situations until they arrive unannounced.

Upgrading Your Business

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions provides vCIO services in conjunction with a host of other top-tier, technologically cutting edge solutions. Contact us to optimize your business reliably, safeguard it legally, and manage it more cost-effectively.