Factors to Consider When Choosing an MSP for IT Support in Los Angeles

Factors to Consider When Choosing an MSP for IT Support in Los Angeles

Small to medium-sized business (SMBs) can benefit a lot from outsourcing IT support in Los Angeles. Instead of investing a big part of their budget on their own equipment and staff, they can simply pay a subscription fee to a third-party managed services provider (MSP). This move lowers not only their expenses, but also their risks. Running IT operations in-house takes long-term commitment after the initial investment, leaving SMBs with lower flexibility. But with MSPs, SMBs have only a subscription period to commit to, and afterward, they’re free to either renew their contracts or look for another MSP.

Of course, the quality of service SMBs get depends on the MSP they opt to work with. So for your SMB, choose wisely by considering these factors:


SMBs--- especially the medium-sized ones--- have the potential to expand. However, many businesses at this level fail because they don’t have the necessary processes to handle growth. Thus, you need to partner with an MSP that offers scalability so that it can accommodate an increase in demand without a negative effect on its performance. As your SMB grows, so should your MSP’s services.


Threats to cyber security are growing and evolving every day. To keep up with all of them, your SMB should have an IT team dedicated to watching out for attacks 24/7. But you don’t have the time and money for such an undertaking, so it’s better to hire an MSP with strong focus on security to do it for you. They have the resources to keep your SMB’s processes and data safe.


Round-the-clock service is critical in ensuring your SMB’s processes are running smoothly. Otherwise, downtime can happen, and that equates to losses. If you want to avoid this scenario, let an MSP take care of your IT processes. Go with an MSP that offers their services on the cloud. They leverage the power of hosting solutions like Amazon Web Services, which have high availability at around 99.95%.


Working with an MSP goes beyond using their IT support in Los Angeles and extends to tapping into their expertise. Therefore, select an MSP staffed by skilled personnel who can help your SMB design IT road maps for the future. Also, choose an MSP with different specialists on their team so that you can gain access to extensive industry knowledge.


If you’re handing over the reins to an MSP, it’s important that they have a holistic approach to your IT strategy. Any action they execute should take into consideration your organization as a whole--- infrastructure, people, and processes.


Certifications differentiate top-notch providers from the rest, so go with an MSP that has relevant credentials. Being certified means they meet industry standards, follow best practices, and apply a systematic methodology.

With so many providers of IT support in Los Angeles, finding an MSP for your SMB can be a challenge at first. But using the aforementioned factors as selection criteria, you’ll have a shortlist of promising providers soon. Or you can skip the list and choose DCG Technical Solutions instead. Established in 1993, we at DCG have the tried-and-tested experience needed to handle IT processes. Contact us now to learn more.