Find Your Ideal Tech Solution with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Find Your Ideal Tech Solution with IT Consulting in Los Angeles

Three Primary Areas of Consideration

If your company needs IT consulting in Los Angeles, you need to look for these three primary qualities:

  • Expedited response time
  • A competitive service level agreement
  • Cost-effective operations

One thing you probably do not want is a break-fix support. When something breaks, the IT technicians should be at your service within a short time. You need an MSP that makes you the top priority if something breaks down. In fact, you will most likely be at the bottom of the totem pole if a given MSP is working with multiple clients who have purchased a more comprehensive coverage. Preventative maintenance and fixed-rate support are a better option, and more likely to exhibit the three characteristics listed above.

Expedited Response Times

If your system is constantly monitored by an MSP, most issues will be corrected before they get out of control to the extent of needing a professional. If that does happen, a fixed-rate support model will be ready to assist you. This reduces downtime and can help you initialize secondary systems quickly and efficiently.

A Competitive Service Level Agreement

An IT consulting company in Los Angeles that provides an SLA with competitive response times is likely to save you more money. Downtime can really gut your business. How much does it cost you to operate on an hourly basis? It will be somewhere between nothing and hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the size and scope of your business. Picking a figure like $20k/hour out of thin air will characterize many SMBs. Did you know that, on average, businesses experience 13 hours of downtime annually? That is $260,000 at $20k/hour. If you are at $100,000 an hour, that is $1.3 million. The faster you get systems back online after a disaster, the more you save. In fact, you will conserve more assets than you spend on tech support.

Cost-Effective Operations

That said, no matter how comprehensive a given service solution is, there is an event horizon over which you are paying more money for no increased value. You want to find something that is going to deliver the fastest service and the SLA requirements that you need at a realistic price. You must shop around. Talk to other businesses that have similar needs to your own. Get a list of differing IT organizations and see if you can find a list of different MSPs to choose from.

There is always going to be an MSP in your area that is best suited to your operations. In Los Angeles, you have an authentic IT buffet from Anaheim to Thousand Oaks, out east to the inland empire and everywhere in between. You have to be careful, but since it is a competitive marketplace, you actually have some latitude. Have your tech-savvy employees get on the line when you are looking for services and find those offering primarily fixed-rate support coupled with competitive SLAs, fast service, and reasonable pricing.

One Preferred Solution in LA

IT consulting in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. will save you money, increase your level of service delivery, and deliver fast services. Contact us to optimize your business cost-effectively without spending unnecessarily.