IT Support in Los Angeles: How Edge Computing Can Improve Your Business

IT Support in Los Angeles: How Edge Computing Can Improve Your Business

Most companies need some level of IT support within Los Angeles. However, if you need to quickly analyze and process your data, regular data storage is probably not the best option for your company. The newest technology, edge computing, is a way to store your data at the edge of your network for better processing and analyzing times. Edge computing works together with cloud computing and your devices, which gives you a more efficient storage. If you are looking for LA cloud computing, consider edge computing as an additional way to improve your company.

How Does Edge Computing Work?

Edge computing works by using your network connected devices to store and analyze data. It stores the most important and time-sensitive data near the edge of the network so it can be analyzed and processed quicker. This is important for time sensitive material and gives your company a better understanding of your data. Edge computing can create more a better working business by reducing network traffic and providing real-time data analysis.

With traditional data storage, your data gets transmitted to a data storage center or cloud. This transmission causes a lot of traffic on your company’s network. This can make download and transfer speeds slow, and your employees could suffer because of it. When data is stored at the local level, it can be used and interpreted immediately. Your employees do not have to wait for it to download from the storage center. If your company accesses data frequently, edge computing can improve your company’s production levels.

Real Life Applications for Edge Computing

Edge computing does a lot more than you think. One way edge computing could help your company is by device targeting. When a customer goes to your website or application, edge computing can help optimize the screen for the device size. Whether your customer is on an iPhone, iPad, or laptop computer, edge computing customizes everything so it looks good on their device. This form of computing can also enable a company to know how much revenue is being lost from ad blockers and finds ways to unblock ads from the ad blocker user.

Edge computing can also interpret where your customers are coming from. For example, if a user is coming from Japan, your website could be automatically translated to Japanese instead of sticking with the English homepage. If you would like to restrict access to other regions, edge computing from an IT support firm in Los Angeles can do this as well.

This type of computing doesn’t stop there. If your company uses surveys, edge computing can help customize these surveys based on user preferences for a better understanding of your customers. These are just a few examples of how LA cloud computing can work with edge computing to store time sensitive data at the edge of your network for better processing time.

If you’re looking for IT support in Los Angeles, DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you with all of your needs. We optimize your network speed and save you money by providing upfront pricing. Whether you need traditional cloud computing or want to add edge computing to your company, we are there to do it all. Contact us today to learn more.