IT Support in Los Angeles is Increasingly Tied to the Hospitality Industry

IT Support in Los Angeles is Increasingly Tied to the Hospitality Industry

Hotels and Networks

IT support in Los Angeles serves many diverse interests; some of the most notable characterizing the film industry. It takes quite a bit of computing to design some of the special effects which are commonplace in a film. However, an industry where many don't realize that proper IT support (as it pertains to security) is integral is that of hospitality.

The question isn't whether or not a hotel guest will have some need for the Internet--- it is what kind of Internet they will need in general. Will they need Wi-Fi, DSL, or mobile support? These days, a person without Internet connectivity is one in a thousand, perhaps even less, depending on your region. You may find a larger quotient of Internet-independents in, say, Alaska. The point is: a hotel has to meet the needs of diverse customers who perpetually require the web, and that requires security.

The film industry was mentioned earlier. Celebrities and other high-profile visitors have information that requires security. That information might be their very attendance at your hotel, so it's not only important to ensure that the Internet connection in individual rooms is secure--- it's also important to make sure your own network is as well.

Security Solutions

IT support in Los Angeles can help you secure your establishment through a number of different methods. There are firewalls, antivirus protocols, proactive monitoring, upgrades, and patching, for starters. When it comes to passwords, you want to reset them at regular intervals. Additionally, they should all have proper password qualities. They should be eight characters or longer, include numerals, symbols, and letters, and not be derived. Something like "PassW0rd!" is going to be hacked in a minute.

Next, you want to ensure your Wi-Fi network isn't open to the public and that the protocols with checking in guests involve giving them passwords unique to a given room. It shouldn't just be their room number and some combination of syllables in the hotel's name. 201 BesWes is pretty easy to hack, isn't it? No, you want a password generator of some stripe which gives unique guests unique passwords.

A final echelon of security would be 24/7 help desk support. You'll want this because sometimes guests will have difficulties that you won't be able to handle. Sometimes, your late night staff will have difficulties your particular establishment's tech guy can't handle or isn't available to troubleshoot. If you've got a help desk, your bases are covered.

The Need for Guest Security

As guests travel, they're going to naturally ingest and exchange a variety of information. That information could be very sensitive and there's every reason to believe diverse hackers will try to get some info from some guests at some time, which is why you'll need:

  • Unique and transitioning password protocols
  • Antivirus protection
  • Help desk support
  • Continuous monitoring

With these, you’ll be able to better avoid the majority of data breaches, hence, providing your guests the security they need.

Securing Your Operation

IT support in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you secure your hotel against all variety of intrusion. Contact us for comprehensive solutions that are cutting-edge and will ensure your guests are able to comfortably acquire and dispense information within your network.