IT Support in Los Angeles: The Most Common Pitfalls of Moving to the Cloud

IT Support in Los Angeles: The Most Common Pitfalls of Moving to the Cloud

If you are planning on migrating to the cloud, you are on the right path. The cloud provides seemingly endless benefits. However, there are some potential cloud migration hurdles every business owner should be aware of. Mind the pitfalls outlined below and your move to the cloud will prove that much easier and cheaper. Keep in mind that our IT support team in Los Angeles is here to help every step of the way.

Leaving Data Vulnerable

Security should be a primary concern when it comes to the cloud. Do not over-focus on minimizing costs only to jeopardize your data's security. Your data must be kept safe when on the cloud. Furthermore, your data must be protected when it is transferred to the cloud. Opt for a cloud service model that adequately safeguards your vitally important digital assets. Consider the merits of the public cloud, the private cloud, and the hybrid cloud to determine which is ideal for your business. Be sure to invest time, effort, and money into educating your employees about security standards. If you are not capable or confident enough to provide such training, our IT support team in Los Angeles can help.

Failure to Consider Third-Party Integration

The transition from an on-premise app to an app based on the cloud requires the re-integration of third-party solutions. This process often proves more challenging than most assume. Third-party solutions must be implemented and reviewed in a pilot test program before the cloud migration occurs. Otherwise, problems could occur after the transition and chew up your time, effort, and patience.

Selecting the Wrong Vendor

There are plenty of options when it comes to the cloud: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and so on. Each provides cloud-based services yet none are exactly the same. Mixing infrastructures has the potential to lead to additional complications. Take some time to select the proper vendor as well as the licensing agreement necessary for your current and prospective workload. Our cloud services experts in Los Angeles can help you select the best vendor for your unique purposes.

Inadequate Preparation

Consider the advantages to the different types of clouds. Figure out the services your group will run on each. A multi-cloud approach might prove ideal yet you must plan ahead with an idea as to how the transition will be completed before actually attempting it. If you conduct business in or around Los Angeles, let our IT support team help you properly prepare for and complete this transition.

Our Managed IT Services Will Solve Your Tech Problems

Have you grown frustrated with your tech challenges? If so, you are not alone. Technology is becoming increasingly complicated as time progresses. Don't let those IT problems eat into your time and budget any longer. DCG Technical Solutions provides managed services, digital security services, disaster recovery, monitoring, and more to keep your business operating at optimal efficiency. Reach out to our IT support team in Los Angeles today to facilitate your transition to the cloud and keep your data completely safe.