How Businesses Benefit From the Hybrid Cloud with IT Support in Los Angeles

How Businesses Benefit From the Hybrid Cloud with IT Support in Los Angeles

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face an inherent competitive disadvantage as they can't match the IT support in Los Angeles resources of the largest enterprises. One of the ways SMBs can level the playing field is with the use of the hybrid cloud. Here is a look at how the hybrid cloud help SMBs and organizations of all varieties stay competitive:

What is the Hybrid Cloud?

This is a technology that provides organizations with enhanced protection. It safeguards data and systems while improving redundancy. Data is protected across the network and sent to the secure cloud.

The hybrid cloud also provides an image-based backup solution as well. This is essentially a picture of the server or workstation. The image is stored at a point in time for the machine. This proves helpful for restoration as rebuilding requires files, systems, applications and more data. Image-based backup allows for the restoration of individual files and the booting of virtual machines in a timely and thorough manner.

Hybrid Cloud Services

The hybrid cloud will help your organization prepare for everything from natural disasters to server crashes, computer viruses, human error and problems of all other sorts. It provides the ideal vehicle for delivery to ensure operations will continue and your clients won't be negatively impacted.

Advances in virtualization technology along with the cloud have made backing up data at remote locations and data recovery that much more economical. The hardware of the cloud server allows for virtualized servers to operate without relying on the hardware of the initial production machine. The hybrid ensures systems will be backed up, making your business continuity as simple and secure as possible. With IT support in Los Angeles, you can experience the convenience from the hybrid cloud, and you'll find it saves you a bundle of money, eliminates worry and ultimately heightens your organization's preparedness. This is the peace of mind you and your clients need to move forward and reach new heights.

Keep on Truckin'

This technology has a special feature called Screenshot Image Backup and Verification. It provides proof that the data backup has been successfully taken with a screenshot of the completed boot process. This gauges the integrity of the backup while also performing a mock recovery. It creates a VM for the backup to ensure the backup will operate in the event of a disaster. The user can even have a screenshot alert sent in such a scenario.

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