IT for Manufacturing Industries: The Value of Employing IoT Technology

IT for Manufacturing Industries: The Value of Employing IoT Technology

IT for manufacturing is now a top requirement for businesses. The truth is, the more technologically efficient a given operation is, the less costly production becomes. It is for this reason that manufacturing facilities are now seeking to optimize their production. A practice of optimization called "smart manufacturing" has come into play. It uses the latest tech to identify redundancies, expedite operations, and extend the machine life of manufacturing devices. One of the main ways this is done is through utilization of IoT (Internet of Things). There is a proliferation of Wi-Fi-enabled devices today that are connected via the internet. Cloud computing often plays a big role in such scenarios, and now edge computing is becoming ideal for many businesses.

Excising Large Sums from Your Manufacturing Budget

"Edge computing" uses individual IoT devices, just like cloud computing uses multiple servers for cumulative processing, security, and client hosting. An IoT network utilizing edge-computing solutions on a manufacturing floor can expedite data processing while simultaneously providing real-time operational statistics.

IoT Optimization

If for the sake of illustration, a stamping press at the beginning of an assembly line is showing signs of strain, it can be monitored throughout the shift or deactivated for maintenance while a substitute machine is put to work. A breakdown that stops the whole line from working can be avoided and thousands of money can be conserved.

The advantage of IT for manufacturing properly utilizing IoT innovation has not been lost on the manufacturing companies. In fact, manufacturing companies spent $102.5 billion on IoT in 2016.

Numbers like that are definitely compelling. If you own a manufacturing facility or work with organizations, you will want IoT involvement just to remain competitive. It is projected that IoT devices, globally, will outnumber humans more than two to one by 2020.

Obtaining a Foothold Amid Continuing Developments

It is easy to see why IoT tech is convenient and the ever-present internet has become an integral part of daily life. From your smartphone's GPS to the smartphone itself, On-Star communications support, satellite tracking, police surveillance, online gaming needs, and so much more, it is difficult to spend a day without the web in modernity. Barring any global nuclear conflict, that trend will keep increasing regardless of geopolitical developments. If the USA uses its economic foothold as the world's leading liberated country, others will fill the void technology quickly. There is big business in tech, and furthermore, it seems to increase its scope at exponential intervals.

Finding a tech company that can help you install, employ, troubleshoot, and maintain an IoT system for your manufacturing facility is the best way to move forward as a manufacturing plant. The advantages that you will experience with a properly employed IoT system will include:

  • Optimized manufacturing
  • Decreased operational cost
  • Competitive edge
  • Upgrading Your Manufacturing Facility

IT for manufacturing through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you apply the latest in IoT technology as well as other related services like cloud computing and remote help desk support. Contact us for a myriad of suitable solutions designed to optimize your business in a way that is cost-effective, convenient, which increases your ability to compete with other manufacturing companies.