IT Support for Accounting Firms: Some Questions To Ask Your Cloud Provider

IT Support for Accounting Firms: Some Questions To Ask Your Cloud Provider

If you need IT support for your accounting firm, you've got more than monetary assets to consider. Though the cloud has been helping so many businesses, you still need to ensure that you get the conventional benefits of whatever cloud solution you end up adopting by asking your cloud provider the following questions:

  • Are there possible installations or migration issues?
  • Are hardware resources shared between clients?
  • What data center specs describe your cloud's provider?
  • How much is internet bandwidth necessary for my needs?
  • Will my data be redundantly maintained across many data centers?
  • How long will recovery take if hosting systems be compromised?


You definitely need to take into consideration the costs involved in both installing and migrating your system to the cloud. Typically, this takes a little time. The costs you'll absorb here are primarily temporal, but then again, time is your most valuable resource. If you make $100,000 an hour as a small business, and it takes 40-hour work week to install the system, that's a $4 million loss. Also, is there anything that could go wrong with installation/migration that your business should be aware of? Know the problems that previous users have encountered so that you can overcome them.

Hardware Resource Sharing

If processing isn't being solely dedicated to your operations, it may affect those operations. Sometimes hardware resources are shared between multiple clients. This is secure, but it may not be ideal for your business, or it could make no difference. It all depends on you, so know the IT support needs of your accounting firm beforehand.

Data Specs

This one is fairly self-explanatory. You want to look at what kind of security measures are in place. What sort of redundancies are there? How "cutting edge" is the current system? Get as much information pertaining to the specifications of the cloud computing solution you're looking at.


Know what’s going on with your bandwidth, and if you can’t acquire the same amount affordably from the cloud provider you’re considering, don’t use that provider. Calculate a little bit more than you need in order to truly cover yourself if you don’t want to err on the side of caution.

Redundant Data

You should expect that your data will be redundantly stored across multiple centers if an emergency knocks out the primary center where you store things. The more secure the cloud solution is, the more redundancies there’ll be.

Recovery Time

If your cloud provider experiences a substantial crash, you need to know how fast you'll have your data back online. Ideally, if data is stored redundantly across multiple data centers, you should experience little to no loss. A mirrored network solution should be implemented the moment something happens while the bug is chased by your primary data center. If your cloud provider doesn't have a good recovery time, you may want to seek a digital representation elsewhere.

At DCG Technical Solutions, we provide multiple redundancies, high bandwidth, some of the most cutting-edge specifications, diminished installation and migration issues, sharing options that can be personalized, and fast recovery times in the event of a disaster. Contact us for top-tier cloud IT support for your accounting firm.