Online Collaboration with An IT Support Team in Los Angeles

Online Collaboration with An IT Support Team in Los Angeles

One of the advantages of hiring IT support in Los Angeles is that it can help provide communication tools that bring collaborators together. That's important if you plan on having a strong online presence. Collaboration is one of the keys to crafting better products and increasing productivity. Here are ways that online collaboration can help improve your business:

Work on Team Projects

Collaboration between remote locations requires sophisticated communications equipment such as an audio conference bridge. An IT support team in Los Angeles can set up and monitor this system while your in-house team connects with remote collaborators. A web conferencing platform is even more powerful because it can archive the material for future use. It also allows for team members to modify materials and interact with them in real-time.

The obvious economic benefit to online collaboration is that it reduces or eliminates the need for travel. A global or national company no longer needs to spend money on airline tickets and hotels to bring its staffs together. It's ideal for designs, product development, and getting internal feedback.

Types of Collaboration Tools

The two main types of collaboration tools are synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous tools enable real-time communication through audio, web, video, instant messages, and whiteboards. Web conferencing has become widely used due to its ability to share a variety of media. This type of tool is very helpful when resolving issues in real-time.

Asynchronous tools allow communication over time frames at the users' convenience. Examples include email, discussion boards, blogs, social media and shared calendars. Both synchronous and asynchronous tools allow you to create a virtual workplace. Email is still the most widely-used collaborative tool according to Wainhouse Research followed by audio and web conferencing tools. Small companies are able to adopt these solutions more quickly than large corporations.

How Collaboration Helps Small Businesses

Small businesses can use collaborative tools to gain an edge over competitors who don't use them. Big companies, for example, can afford travel expenses and remote offices, whereas small businesses often need to cut corners on such expenses. The way they can do that is to have one central location that connects with remote workers who provide their own offices and equipment. Face-to-face meetings can be replaced with collaborative tools, which cut costs on space, time, and travel.

It is time for your company to collaborate with IT support team in Los Angeles. Teams can work online together for your business’ improvement. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to find out more about how we can make your infrastructure more reliable by taking proactive measures.