Top Benefits Of Cloud-Based Telephony IT Services in Los Angeles

Top Benefits Of Cloud-Based Telephony IT Services in Los Angeles

Cloud-based telephony IT services in Los Angeles have phased out on-premise phone systems. Physical phone systems and applications have been overtaken by cloud-based telephony to meet the demands of constant communications of the 21st century. Communications now happen not only in the office, but also at home, on the road, and at client premises. Cloud-based telephony provides a decentralized, secure, reliable, and cost-effective communications solutions to meet the needs of modern-day businesses. If your business has not yet adopted cloud telephony, you are missing out on its benefits and the chance to improve the efficiency of your communications.

Your business ought to have a unified communications system from a cloud-based solutions provider to match the needs of dynamic communications in today’s technology-driven business world. Given the limitations of the on-premise telephony products, it’s time to switch to cloud-based telephony technologies. Here are the top reasons for switching to cloud-based unified communications:

Cost Efficiency

By using cloud-based telephony IT services in Los Angeles, you can easily manage your month-to-month expenses by opting for a pay-as-you-go plan. Cloud-based unified communications providers offer metered plans; therefore, there is no long-term lock-in. You will be able to keep a predictable cost structure, paying for cloud-based telephony infrastructure on a “when needed” basis. In addition, cloud-based telephony systems are less expensive than on-premise phone systems since they do not require the installation and maintenance of hardware.


Cloud-based unified communication systems offer your business a complete phone-system functionality over the internet. Thus, you can easily enhance collaboration between your teams when in the office or on-the-go. This means you can share critical information with your branches and departments instantly for collaborative purposes.


As your business grows, you will appreciate the elasticity of cloud-based telephony services to match the expansion of your operations. The structure of unified communications as a service gives you a hassle-free transition to more cloud-based telephony infrastructure. Unlike a traditional on-premise phone system, your communications network can be scaled efficiently on the basis of demand.


Uniformity is a top feature of cloud-based telephony services that enable your business to deliver a unified phone system to all locations that you operate in. You will be able to transfer calls to other locations and improve the efficiency of communications while delivering the same call quality to your customers. Moreover, a unified communications service means you are only going to deal with one vendor instead of looking for a different vendor for each city or state you serve.

Disaster Recovery

It is critical that your phone system be up and running around the clock to communicate with customers. With a cloud-based telephony solution, your phone system is protected from disasters since the cloud has redundancy to withstand disruptions that shut down on-premise phone systems. Cloud-based telephony systems allow you to access voicemail over the email and affect automatic call routing when a disaster strikes.

Cloud-based telephony IT services in Los Angeles enable your business to match today’s busy business environment. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about our managed services. We can offer you time-tested, cloud-based telephony solutions.