How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Protect Your Clients’ Data

How IT Consulting in Los Angeles Can Help Protect Your Clients’ Data

CPA firms, or any businesses that routinely use and share personal identifiable data on a daily basis, are susceptible to attacks from hackers. Luckily, IT consulting firms in Los Angeles are experts at tackling this threat. It's insufficient to send data online and hope for the best anymore; you need to be constantly alert to the potential ways hackers can gain access to you or your clients' systems and take care to avoid disaster.

Where Are the Potential Pitfalls?

Are you sharing your data as securely as possible, or are you using outmoded ways that leave you open to attack? If you're sending documents by email, on CDs, or via flash drives, then the answer is yes, you are at risk. Even if you use encryption in the email, these are still the most likely areas that hackers will target. The information is not safe even if you have sent the encryption key in a separate email, as email itself is very insecure. If a hacker has gained access to an email account then all the messages are available to them, which makes the act of putting the key in a separate email unnecessary.

An Alternative Option

More and more companies are storing and sharing their data in the cloud, as this is an affordable and secure place to keep your sensitive information. To keep on the right side of federal and state accountancy boards and give your clients more confidence in your security procedures, consider one of the secure file sharing options available.

What to Look for in Secure File Sharing

There are many benefits to secure file sharing, and if you select the correct one it can keep your data safe and increase your productivity. As long as it isn’t awkward to use or difficult to navigate, it'll be faster for both you and your clients as it eliminates the need to send data back and forth every time there's an update. A seamless way to accomplish this is to choose a system that integrates well with the accounting software you already use.

Activity reporting that can track any interactions with data is an excellent way of providing an audit trail if required, and a system that complies with FINRA regulations is a must.

It can be difficult to choose which of the many available protocols would be ideal for your needs, but if you're still unsure, an IT consulting company in Los Angeles can help. Their expertise will guide you to the most appropriate solution, enabling more secure data and more efficient working practices.

If you want to keep your clients happy and confident while improving your working practices, then you need to consider secure file sharing. If you're not 100% sure that your data and the way you share it is truly secure, get the professional opinion of an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions today so we can advise you on the best way of securing your clients’ information while making your workflow faster and more efficient.