How IT Manufacturing Via IoT Implementation Is Changing The Game

How IT Manufacturing Via IoT Implementation Is Changing The Game

What Is IIoT?

IT manufacturing today is often characterized by an application of IoT, or Internet of Things, technology. In fact, this has begun to characterize the industry so much that a new abbreviation has been termed "IIoT", which stands for Industrial Internet of Things, and it's another way of characterizing what's become known as "smart" manufacturing".

Basically, data is collected and processed that those running a given operation can maximize everything. IoT can monitor machine operations. It can, also, be used to facilitate a continual technological connection that real-time updates and operations can be applied remotely. It can even induce expedited network operations; this is done through edge computing. This is like cloud computing, except; instead of a vast server array, each of the IoT devices processes a tidbit of data. Some other direct advantages of IIoT include:

  • Asset management
  • Human resource enablement
  • Expedited factory production

Asset Management

IT manufacturing solutions facilitated using IIoT can really take things to the next echelon of operational optimization. Efficiency can be more fully maximized than any other existing solution. Some parameters that are measured include noise, vibration, how hot or cold the equipment is; which are general operational features. Such information can help operators know whether an equipment is operating well, normally, or nominally. and how much longer it can maintain operations at varying levels of compromise based on previous instances. What this means is that you can work a piece of equipment right up until it's about to break down, then stop operations, substitute in another machine, and get the old one fixed; this can conserve thousands of dollars annually.

Human Resource Enablement

With IIoT, you know where to send the right people at the right time. Sometimes human intervention is the only operational solution and that requires taught observation and identification. Rather than keeping some individual stuck monitoring one piece of equipment, you can simply check in via computer and get automatic alerts the moment some sort of intervention becomes necessary.

Expedited Factory Production

Between asset management and human resource allocation/enablement via IIoT, you'll find the factory floor of a given facility operates with a greater level of efficiency. Automated protocols can monitor and maintain machines continually, except in the event resources from actual operators become necessary. Automatic notifications can then be sent to a single individual who is now capable of doing the same job that may have required 20 people to do, previously. Usually, not all machines will have an issue at once. A single employee can maximize his usefulness by fixing problems as they arise and monitoring things otherwise.

Ultimately, the potential is there to conserve thousands of dollars on a daily, if not hourly, basis. 10 certified employees at $20 an hour cost $200 before benefits are considered. Management is also necessary for those employees, as is locker space, etc. Then you've got fractional losses from machine investment not maturing. Depending on size, IIoT can seriously conserve your operation's resources.

Get The Most For The Least

IT manufacturing solutions through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.  can help you apply IIoT solutions that will optimize your production comprehensively. Contact us for next-level manufacturing solutions.