Should You Obtain BDR Cloud Services from an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles?

Should You Obtain BDR Cloud Services from an IT Support Provider in Los Angeles?

Data loss can be devastating to your business. If you have not taken measures to safeguard your company data, you should think about obtaining backup and disaster recovery services from an experienced IT support provider in Los Angeles. Here are the reasons you should choose cloud BDR over the traditional methods:

Low-Cost Data Protection

The cost of onsite backup and disaster recovery systems is high because you must purchase expensive hardware and software resources. Moreover, you must account for administrative overhead. With cloud computing, you will get data protection without these expenses.

Data Encryption

Business owners are concerned about the security of their data after backing up because of the potential repercussions of hacking. When you choose cloud BDR, your data will be secured because the information will be encrypted when in transit or at rest.

No Onsite Replication

Onsite replication of data is time-consuming and wasteful. If you choose to duplicate the data, you will need a secondary data center, which requires management. Cloud computing copies data to the cloud automatically and you can recover the data at any point.

Storage in Multiple Locations

Cloud-based backup systems from IT support providers in Los Angeles are designed to enable business owners to replicate data to different servers around the globe that enable you to store information in multiple virtual machines in numerous locations.

Deduplication Technology

Cloud storage is more efficient than onsite systems because the backup systems use deduplication technology. This feature prevents the continuous replication of data which is already present in the servers, ensuring optimal space economy.

Quick Access

Constant availability of data and rapid access to information is crucial for numerous industries such as the medical field. If you would like to be able to perform data mining and meet the legal and compliance needs of your industry, you should choose cloud computing.

Efficient Testing

Backup and disaster recovery systems must regularly be tested after establishment. Without proper testing, there is no guarantee of functionality. When you select cloud BDR, you will enjoy dynamic testing because this function can be run without interrupting your regular operations.

Improved Data Analysis

Data analysis is essential for understanding the challenges and potential risks in a BDR system. With cloud computing, you can examine different components of your network including storage growth, information classification, and dormant data issues.

Single Data Source

Cloud BDR offers a single data source instead of multiple platforms for your data. This setup is beneficial because it allows you to save on resources that would otherwise be used for transferring the data. In addition, you can reduce your company redundancies.

Converged Workloads

Finally, when you choose cloud computing, you will be able to converge all your workloads onto a single platform. This setup allows for collaboration and promotes efficiency. At the same time, you will be assured that your data storage design meets the global privacy standards.

The right BDR cloud services from an IT support firm in Los Angeles will ensure that your business data is protected while minimizing your total expenses. If you would like to learn more about the potential benefits for your company, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc.