IT Support In Los Angeles: Advantages of DaaS

IT Support In Los Angeles: Advantages of DaaS

IT support providers in Los Angeles advance at an increasingly expedient pace and remain abreast of exponentially developing changes. DaaS is an acronym originally instituted to represent Desktop as a Service, a floated network utility allowing the cloud to provide employees instantaneous access to systems wherever they have established a secure internet connection. However, there is another meaning of that term that has codified into our technological lexicon. It is called Device as a Service, which also uses the cloud but for a different purpose.

Now it is possible to "rent" laptops, tablets, smartphones, or desktops all together through a tech agency. The tech groups maintain the equipment, you get the utility of it. Think of it as a rental car service, but for computers, if that helps. Following are several notable advantages of this new DaaS:

  • Continuously update devices
  • More convenient device management
  • Expanded ease of scalability
  • Reduced complication in upgrades as well as disposal

Continuously Update Devices

An IT support provider in Los Angeles can help you obtain a DaaS solution and get the most advanced and sustainable computer solutions. Any new device has bugs in it; this is why programs and computers go through a beta phase before they are widely adopted by the public. A DaaS solution will look for the latest technology that has transcended possible unreliability in the initial launch. You get a professionalized provision of tech that has transcended the "bugs.” DaaS providers often do a better job of this than internal tech acquisition agents do. In addition, you get that advantage at a reduced cost and an in-built prerogative for the latest tech.

Convenient Device Management

When you have professionals providing services like DaaS, they are doing the upgrades, the troubleshooting, the repair, and the replacement all at a singular cost to your business. Instead of hypothetically paying $1k per computer for twenty devices, you would be paying a singular monthly fee for the management of those devices. That fee would not change over time. If devices were damaged or malfunctioned, they would simply be traded out for those that work, and you can even keep a few "spares" onsite.

Expanded Ease of Scalability

With DaaS, getting more devices, expanding outward or renewing devices is as easy as making a call or sending an email. Your costs likely will not change as swiftly, either. Ease of scalability reduces expenses collaterally, allowing your business to reap more profit in a more expedient and sustainable manner.

Reduced Complication in Upgrades As Well as Disposal

When it is time for upgrading, DaaS support provider will contact you. Additionally, you do not lose value in the disposal of depreciated technology assets like antiquated laptops, desktops, and other devices. All around, this is a win-win for many businesses. The larger an organization is, the greater their potential savings.

Securing Your DaaS Solution

If you want to institute cost-effective DaaS solutions, contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. We're an IT support provider in Los Angeles that provide DaaS solutions and offer a bevy of necessary tech provisions, which facilitate competitive and cutting-edge operations for a diversity of clients.