DCG Recognized in CRN MSP 500 for Excellence in IT Support in Los Angeles

DCG Recognized in CRN MSP 500 for Excellence in IT Support in Los Angeles

What's the CRN MSP 500?

Basically, the CRN MSP 500 is a list that sort of verifies how effective a given IT support provider in Los Angeles is. The list shows which tech providers are leading the way in North America as pertains to MSP solutions. Additionally, the list extends beyond tech providers to consultants. To get on the list, a given MSP must be able to help clients make their operations more efficient. Additionally, investments made by clients into a given IT group should increase, not decrease, in terms of value over time. Ultimately, all these things work together so that clients working with tech providers on the CRN MSP 500 are more likely to have more competitive operational protocols supporting them. The list is divided into three categories:

  • Elite 150
  • Pioneer 250
  • Security 100

Elite 150

The top 150 on the list are classified as "elite." Basically, these are MSPs that focus on larger businesses. Generally, they provide services for enterprises of one kind or another. They're the "movers and shakers", as it were, in terms of tech provision through the industry. Sometimes, such businesses even have an international aspect.

Pioneer 250

This list is for MSPs that are more focused on small to medium-sized businesses. They provide top-tier, intensive and comprehensive services, and these MSPs are often growing. In a few years, they may find themselves on the Elite 150 list. As it stands, such MSPs stand to be the best buy for most SMBs, as services and prices are accordingly designed to meet SMB needs.

Security 100

This list aims at MSSPs, or Managed Security Service Providers, rather than MSPs. These tech professionals are also on the list as resellers. Basically, they've made security a core focus of their operations.

Knowing Your Tech Providers 

If you'd like to know which businesses providing IT support in Los Angeles make up the totality of the current list, you can check the 2018 February issue of CRN Magazine, which is a print publication. As of February 20, online coverage began.

Comprehensive Service Provision

One thing to consider: being on the CRN 500 doesn't necessarily pre-qualify a given MSP to serve your business. First, you'll need to understand your requirements going in before you consider working with any tech provider. Second, you want to look for comprehensive services. Several that can help paint a picture of all-encompassing solutions include:

  • General managed services
  • Monitoring and support that is proactive
  • Solutions to recover after a disaster
  • Security provisions
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) services

You want to have an MSP that can totally manage your operation if you need it. Proactive support helps identify intruders in real time, safeguarding your systems. In the worst-case scenario, you'll need some disaster recovery solution. Such security provisions can be applied and managed for you through CIO services or you can define them with your own internal tech people.

Vetted IT Support in Los Angeles

DCG Technical Solutions, Inc is proud to be on CRN MSP 2018 Pioneer 250 list. We offer comprehensive support in terms of technology provision and security. We design solutions around your business's needs. Contact us for effective technology solutions.