IT Support in Los Angeles: HIPAA Protections to Combat Ransomware

IT Support in Los Angeles: HIPAA Protections to Combat Ransomware

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry will testify to just how much of a pain HIPAA regulations can be. These updates and reviews are certainly an annoyance, yet they are essential to your organization's ability to thwart potentially crippling cyber attacks. Adhering to HIPAA standards really might be your best chance to ward off ransomware, such as WannaCry. For this, An IT support provider in Los Angeles can help keep your business in accordance with HIPAA and other regulatory standards.

WannaCry was initially discovered in the United Kingdom. It impacted nearly one-quarter of the UK's health services. Though many health service providers claimed patient data was not improperly accessed, the attack highlights just how vulnerable industries are to new digital threats.

Malware Protection can Preserve Data Integrity

Ransomware and other threats require less than 24 hours to spread to hundreds of thousands of computers across the world. Thankfully, digital attacks like WannaCry have not been as successful in the United States. This is partially attributable to the fact that healthcare service providers in the United States tend to adhere to the nuances of HIPAA guidelines.

Malware protection is especially important to combat threats like WannaCry.

  • Update and patch your digital security systems with regularity.
  • Perform full system scans each week.
  • Use antivirus software, firewalls, and secured endpoints to halt attacks designed
  • to access patient data and other sensitive information.

Form an Incident Response Plan

If a malware attack occurs, HIPAA rules dictate the targeted company should implement a strategy to reduce the damage. Encryption systems are essential when handling sensitive patient data. If ransomware hits your system, you should have a backup and disaster recovery plan accessible in the cloud so you can restore your files and ensure operations continue to run as designed.

Update Your Software

Software, operating systems, business apps and other security products should be kept up-to-date. As an example, WannaCry was able to spread so quickly throughout the United Kingdom due to a flaw in an outdated operating system. It will only take a couple minutes to install new updates. This minor time investment has the potential to save your organization a ton of money. Updates can also help prevent legal problems from arising in the future.

Risk Analysis and Security Tests

Once the security framework and incident response policy are in place, it is time for a security test and risk analysis. Let IT support experts in Los Angeles handle a risk analysis to highlight system weak points to combat digital attackers. Security tests also help determine if defenses are adequate in thwarting threats of diverse digital origins.

Heighten Employee Awareness

Employee knowledge and awareness of digital threats will certainly help. Make sure your team fully understands the importance of setting strong passwords and reviewing downloads/links before clicking. A well-informed staff will have the knowledge necessary to make prudent decisions when using the computers and the web.

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