IT Support in Pasadena: Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Business This Year

IT Support in Pasadena: Top 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Your Business This Year

It is common to see people drawing up a list of things they would like to achieve in the course of the year. Resolutions are important for those who will commit to follow the plan and reach their goals by the end of the year. Granted, it is equally important to you as a business person, it is important for you to have plans that will secure your business’ IT systems in this year. Be advised, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly dangerous with the passing of time. However, you need not worry if you’re willing to follow these security tips from an IT support provider in Pasadena – all will be well. Now, let’s look at the three key security tips for 2018:

1. Learn About Trends in Cybersecurity

There is a bevy of readily available information about cybersecurity on the internet. The good news is, some of this information is credible and available for free. Most of the solid information is presented by leaders in the IT industry. An IT support provider in Pasadena is just one of the many authorities that periodically share insights on the emerging trends in cybersecurity, data protection among other topics. Depending on your preferred mode of learning, you can either watch and listen to podcasts or read some notable blogs that include:

  • The black hills information security blog and podcast
  • Free SANS security awareness training
  • Security weekly blog and podcast

2. Transfer Knowledge to Your Employees and Clients

Once you learn how to deal with IT security threats, you need to share this knowledge with your employees and clients. It is important that your employees be knowledgeable enough to detect signs of cyber threats and understand how they can avoid exposing your firm to cybercriminals. It has often been noted that hackers access IT systems of organizations through the “front door”. This means an unsuspecting employee who clicks the link in infected email, thereby opening the “door” for the intruders. Similarly, in cases where clients can access some part of your IT system, it is important to guide them on how to interact with the system without exposing themselves or your firm to hackers.

3. Establish a Security Baseline

Bearing in mind your IT system security is important, you must guarantee you have established a security baseline to define how digital services like registry and file permissions work, then you measure and monitor the effectiveness of the security baseline, use it to identify weaknesses and other issues. Most importantly, use those observations to improve in areas that might be vulnerable to security threats.

The tips shared above can help you keep security threats at bay. We at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., as an IT support provider in Pasadena, believe your IT system will be more secure if you follow these tips. If you’re looking for an MSP to help with your IT security, do not hesitate to contact us.