Using IT Support in Pasadena for Quality Control

Using IT Support in Pasadena for Quality Control

Deciding on IT support in Pasadena often comes down to budget, but you should also emphasize quality. Small businesses try to cut expenses every way they can, which sometimes means ignoring tech support. The main problem with this thinking is that technology increasingly requires monitoring by experts to protect against cybercrime. Here are reasons why you should only settle for knowledgeable and skillful IT talent:

Avoiding Pseudo Tech Gurus

When the web exploded in the nineties with millions of businesses signing online, it created an era of excitement. Not much talk surfaced yet about hackers, as the main focus was to get online and get rich quick. This exuberance led to managers hiring techies fresh out of high school who knew how to talk basic web design rhetoric that sounded like music to the ears of the uninformed. It tricked countless managers into believing these young tech students were know-it-alls in every facet of IT.

Fast forward to the present and times have drastically changed in terms of advanced technology but have also stayed the same in terms of tight budgets. In other words, many businesses never learned from the past that the tech industry is a mix of seasoned professionals and inexperienced fly by night operations. You need to at least know the difference between the pros and the pretenders.

Think about how valuable your business is and the trust level you require to let someone have influence on your operation. Would you rather pay a beginner minimum wage and save money even if it means they could someday out of neglect fail to resolve a vulnerability that leads to downtime? A much safer strategy is to spend a little more on certified and diversified talent, rather than just people who seem to have a good tech vocabulary but no authoritative credentials.

Common Excuses for Cutting IT Costs

  • "We're already using antivirus software, so we're good."
  • "We've never been attacked yet, so we must be doing something right."
  • "We brought in a college intern who's studying tech to help us with all our it needs, so we're covered."
  • "We have migrated to the cloud, so we don't need an IT team anymore."
  • "We do our own troubleshooting and maintenance, using 'how to' blogs."

Why You Can't Just Hire Anybody for IT 

The most vulnerable businesses these days are the ones that use no IT support whatsoever. They may assume that cybercrime is fake news or someone else's problem. Some managers may even be oblivious to the fact that cybercrime has skyrocketed this decade. Hiring anybody to manage your IT support in Pasadena may seem like a better idea than hiring nobody, but you still need a proactive problem-solver who knows what they're doing from years of experience.


Your best bet for protecting your digital assets so that you can remain in business a long time is to outsource to IT support experts in Pasadena. Not only will you tap into a diverse talent pool that can handle any technical issue quickly, you will have knowledgeable thought leaders to turn to for advice about new technology. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can answer your questions about cloud services, security, productivity, efficiency and scalability.