Benefits of Hiring an IT Support Provider in Pasadena for Email Hosting

Benefits of Hiring an IT Support Provider in Pasadena for Email Hosting

Email reigns supreme as the most important tool for business communication. Today, there is an increased number of emails that are being opened and run on mobile devices. This is largely attributed to the fact that more and more employees use their mobile devices to access their employers’ network and retrieve what they need in order to do their assigned tasks. As a business owner, there are specific benefits that you stand to derive from hiring an IT support provider in Pasadena to handle email hosting for your firm.

What Is Email Hosting?

Simply put, email hosting is an internet hosting service that specializes in operating email servers. There are a number of IT firms that offer email hosting services, making it possible for clients to access their emails from anywhere in the globe using smartphones, webmail or any other email client.

Why Should You Consider Hiring the Services of an Email Hosting Provider?

1. Build a reputable brand image

Using the services of an IT support provider in Pasadena offering hosted email services will help convey professionalism to your clients and build trust in your brand. Your hosting provider will help you brand your emails with your company name and logo, assuring your customers that they are dealing with a reputable brand.

2. Increased security for your emails

Data protection should be a top priority for any organization that hopes to survive and thrive in cyberspace. Today, businesses are increasingly using their email to send sensitive materials to their staff, vendors, and clients. A good IT support provider will ensure that the security of your email is prioritized. This can be done by offering hosted email with services that include secure HTTPS connection, firewall protection, SSL encryption and spam filtering. All these will help ensure that both incoming and outgoing emails are secure.

3. Unlimited storage space for emails

As your business grows, you might realize that you are getting more and more emails from both your current and prospective clients. Free email services limit the disk space that you can use to store your corporate emails. On the flipside, a hosted email will allow the flexibility of scaling your disk space up or down depending on your demand. This means that you can keep all your important emails without having to delete old ones.

4. Remote access from anywhere in the world

Hosted email service providers allow their clients access to their emails on a wide range of devices from anywhere in the world. This means that your employees can access their emails from anywhere, as long as they provide the right credentials. This is important because it means that your employees don’t need to travel back to the office to access the information they need to provide a client with on the go or complete a report from home.

Parting Shot

As seen above, there are many benefits for businesses that make use of hosted email services. You can also enjoy these benefits. At DCG Technical Solutions, we are an IT support provider in Pasadena offering hosted email services to our clients. Contact us today and let us get you started with hosted email services.