For Cloud Management, Ally with an IT Consulting Firm in Los Angeles!

For Cloud Management, Ally with an IT Consulting Firm in Los Angeles!

If you want to maximize the possibilities of cloud computing, your business can benefit from an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles. The cloud is an amazing place to build a business while bypassing traditional upfront expenses. However, due to the vast amount of available cloud services, it helps to work with an expert who can guide you toward more efficient infrastructure and architecture that integrates with the cloud.

Rise of Hybrid Clouds

The two main types of cloud computing - public and private - are fairly self-explanatory. A public cloud involves sharing a server with other entities, whereas a private cloud is only available to its owner. Public clouds can be used for casual online activity, while private clouds may deal with more sensitive information.

Hybrid clouds are becoming more common as businesses see the advantages of both worlds. Private clouds are useful for collaborative projects and testing new software. Public clouds can be reliable for storing certain files or exploring Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The hybrid cloud model gives you more options for storage and scalability. If your main server goes down, you can shift to a cloud service and maintain business continuity.

Migrating applications to public clouds can help resolve the strain when your primary server gets too busy. No business can afford to rely on one on-premise server that stores all data and applications. Businesses that try to defy this logic can get wiped out quickly by a security breach or natural disaster. In order to thoroughly protect your data, you need at least one offsite backup server, which can conveniently be a public cloud.

Navigating Through the Haze

The cloud has given businesses so many choices that you may need an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles to help you make sense of your opportunities. The age of one-size-fits-all solutions no longer exists due to the cloud, which allows for maximum flexibility and customization. Many businesses have signed up with popular cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Stack.

While cloud platforms are user-friendly and meant to simplify and accelerate tasks, you may still need an IT expert to inform you on training and solutions that improve the performance of your business. A seasoned managed service provider (MSP) works with a diverse team of professionals to fix problems quickly, take proactive security measures, and lead a business toward its goals.

Having your own private cloud gives you total control because you own the hardware, whereas a public cloud usually means a third party such as a data center owns the equipment. If you need to make sure your applications work in any environment, the hybrid model will allow you to do proper testing.

Do you still need confirmation that the hybrid model is powerful for business? Consider the concept of colocation. In this arrangement, you own the hardware but rent space and store your digital assets at a secure data center so that you’re guaranteed quick access to an offsite backup.


You can enhance your business by allying with an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles that understands cloud computing. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can lift your business to higher levels of quality, production, and efficiency.