How IT Support in Los Angeles Can Guard Against Data Loss

How IT Support in Los Angeles Can Guard Against Data Loss

Data protection is one of the most important areas of concern when deciding on an IT support team in Los Angeles. If you work with a team that makes security a top priority, you can concentrate on running your business instead of worrying about being run by technology. Here's a deeper look at how IT experts can protect your data from loss:

Causes of Data Loss

As much as you've heard about cybercrime, a more common reason for data loss is employee error. Working with an IT consultant can help train and educate staff members on how to reduce the chances of overwriting or misplacing files. Your IT team can further protect your digital assets by developing a blacklist of forbidden websites, applications, and email senders. You ran lower your risk of attacks by avoiding illegal sites that infringe on copyrights, as well as unknown sites that are irrelevant to your business activity.

Sometimes, employee errors, such as clicking an email attachment that activates malware, can lead to cyberattacks. A typical cyberattack involves a hacker disguised as a more familiar trusted source from a similar domain. Today's cybercriminals have learned to penetrate even the most sophisticated systems, so it's best to work with a team that's experienced with multi-layered security and keeps up with the latest technology.

Other causes of data loss can be due to hardware, software or power failure. The best way to protect yourself from each of those scenarios is to work with IT experts who can regularly inspect and test your infrastructure, so that problems can be fixed early. The most vulnerable systems are those based on old hardware or outdated software that is no longer supported with upgrades. Hackers specifically target legacy systems due to software patches for security flaws being discontinued.

Why Data Access Should Be Limited

Even if you run a very small company, you can give your data maximum protection by only letting certain individuals access certain data. Your IT support team in Los Angeles can use modern solutions, such as virtualization, for compartmentalizing your company resources. It's not necessary, for example, for a customer service representative to access your company's accounting software. By keeping departments separate with encryption, you can ensure more privacy.

Another concern for privacy is that communication must be clear with employees about their responsibilities for keeping sensitive corporate data confidential. They must understand that certain data should not be stored on personal devices. With the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, it's crucial for all mobile users to conform to strict access policies. IT providers commonly use mobile device management (MDM) software to monitor BYOD devices on private clouds with the ability to wipe corporate sections of personal devices.

Some companies experience theft from disgruntled employees. That's why it's often necessary to change login credentials when employees leave the company. Employees should be informed about how to handle trade secrets and intellectual property, as well as electronic communication.


One of your top considerations for a strong IT support team in Los Angeles should be how well they protect your data and help maintain your business continuity. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can keep your data secure and your network up-to-date.