Protecting Your Financial Data with IT Support for Accountants

Protecting Your Financial Data with IT Support for Accountants

Whether your company has its own accounting department or works with a CPA, there are various ways IT support for accountants can streamline your operation. Since financial data is the core of any business, it must be guarded carefully with state-of-the-art security solutions and expertise. Here are a few reasons why you should think about IT services to keep accounting private:

Essential Risk Management

The most important reason to investigate IT support for accountants is that it will allow you to sleep better at night knowing that your financial data is safe. As Equifax and other high profile financial institutions have been hacked in recent years, it's clear that businesses need to take security more seriously than ever. The solution is to work with an experienced managed service provider (MSP) that knows how to build strong defensive layers around your data.

Risk management means taking the necessary proactive steps to prevent or reduce the chances of a catastrophic event. Quality MSPs prioritize risk management as a top concern. Businesses that are using old technology and minimal protection run a high risk of collapsing from a cyber attack. You should be more concerned about maintaining business continuity than cutting corners on security. All it takes is one breach to get customers, employees and the public worried about the company's image.

Why Accountants Need IT Support

Many CPAs use accounting software and cloud computing systems.  At the same time, not all accountants are tech-savvy and may need help periodically to solve technical problems. Since accountants are required by law to protect confidential information, it makes sense for them to team up with IT technicians who know how to detect and block cyber attacks.

One of the ways an IT team can protect your data is with a firewall combined with network monitoring software. The firewall provides protection around the perimeter of your network. It can be configured to block or accept incoming and outgoing traffic. Endpoint security is used to make sure that every device on a network is compliant with established standards before they’re allowed access. Antivirus software is a form of endpoint security, which protects servers and other network devices.

Around-the-clock network monitoring by IT experts is a solid last line of defense against persistent attackers. You can configure the software to send alerts when suspicious activity occurs on your network. An intruder can then be identified and blocked to prevent a cyber attack.

An IT team may provide further assistance to accountants by backing up confidential data in secure places with at least one offsite location. Support technicians also need to regularly test the backups to ensure that they can be retrieved quickly in the event of an emergency. By keeping your data safe and readily available only to approved individuals, your business can focus more on making and managing money.


Your data will be well protected with IT support for accountants. The more data you generate, the more help you will need with robust systems to protect it. An MSP can help you stay on the cutting edge of technology. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can provide technology solutions for all of your departments.