Securing the Right IT Support in Pasadena for Your Legal Practice

Securing the Right IT Support in Pasadena for Your Legal Practice

IT support providers in Pasadena can help you solidify the data management of your legal practice. This is integral for a number of reasons. For one, large quotients of data can be hard to manage and expensive if you're not careful. Sometimes, paperwork pertaining to a single case can fill up multiple file cabinets. Computer storage and management will reduce some of this load, but this must be done in a secure way, and there's the rub. The right MSP can help you determine which data management solutions are most appropriate for your company. Following are five ways legal firms go about managing their data:

  • Management that is Web-Based
  • Onsite Management
  • Public Cloud Solutions
  • Private Cloud Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Management that is Web-Based

IT support experts in Pasadena may advise you to go with web-based data management if your firm has needs that would be properly served by such a solution. Gmail and the associated features of having a Google account are a good way to think of web-based data management. Some firms simply use Google, but there are other web-based solutions you can secure if you do a little footwork. An MSP can help you find the most appropriate solution for your firm.

Onsite Management

This is where you've got your data managed on some internal server solution. Certainly, there is a high level of security with such an option, but at the same time, there's a high cost of facilitation. You've got to source the servers, ship them, install them, manage them, troubleshoot them and upgrade them as necessary. If you have a smaller legal firm, this may be too costly to pursue initially, but then again, such a solution may be amenable if you have high-profile clients.

Public Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing can be a very cost-effective way to store and manage large quantities of data. You can even design a network interface solution that's accessible remotely, provided that users have the right access protocols. Now, this is a generally secure solution, though it isn't secure enough for all legal firms; which is why some opt for private cloud options.

Private Cloud Solutions

Private cloud is very secure, though it can be in a different price bracket from public solutions. Still, you're likely going to save over internal server solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

This solution represents a combination of public and private cloud solutions. It's the best of both worlds. Infrastructural data needs can be assigned to the cloud and you may even be able to outsource certain internal departments this way. Meanwhile, information that is more sensitive and may be sought by cybercriminals, employed by possibly unscrupulous opposing attorneys, can be securely protected. You're able to get more integral network interface and you're able to reduce the cost of onsite IT facilitation. Many legal firms have adopted some form of hybrid cloud for just these reasons.

Attaining Support for New Data Management Solutions

IT support in Pasadena through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you determine which data management solution best fits your legal firm. We can also help you make the transition to such a solution. In today's digital world, protecting your data is incredibly important. Finding the proper balance is definitely recommended. Contact us now for more information.