Here’s Why IT Consulting Firms in Los Angeles Recommend VoIP Solutions

Here’s Why IT Consulting Firms in Los Angeles Recommend VoIP Solutions

IT consulting firms in Los Angeles often recommend VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) to businesses that have yet to make the transition. There are a number of reasons for this:

Reduction in Operational Cost

A telephony system which is "old school" is going to be more expensive. You have to run new lines when you're expanding and, initially, establish the system. Scaling out is costly. Additionally, you'll likely end up paying more on a recurring basis than VoIP, where internet and telephone costs are tied up in one simple recurring expense. IT consulting firms in Los Angeles advise VoIP upgrade to help you curb these costs, ultimately providing greater operational efficiency and making it so your business can better compete in the marketplace.

Ease of Scalability

This was just mentioned, but bears repeating: it's easier to scale outward when the costs involved aren't so high. With VoIP, if you need new lines, you just get the hardware necessary. Instead of installing new telephone lines, etc., you just turn on a new VoIP-enabled device, reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Greater Functionality

Something else that comes with VoIP is increased functionality. Not only can you enjoy all the same advantages of a traditional telephony system, but you can enjoy new communications features as they become available. This additionally gives your business increased competitive edge.

A great example pertains to call-forwarding. Where before, the system's natural limitations would preclude calls from being forwarded to certain lines; with VoIP from a Los Angeles IT support company, a smartphone can act like a main line and a client calling after hours can speak with who they need to.

Something else to consider is that in terms of VoIP solutions, there are always new things you can do. As VoIP becomes more commonplace, new features are being added that make communications more convenient, efficient, and effective for businesses. If you don't have VoIP, there are definitely going to be operational features you just can't enjoy. If competitors have VoIP, they'll be able to use such features advantageously over you.

IT consulting in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can help you to acquire configure and institute a VoIP solution that is most appropriate for your business. We also offer a variety of professional technology solutions for businesses in addition to consultation. If you have yet to consider VoIP, you may be well advised to look into this increasingly established communications innovation. Neglecting to do so could end up costing you over time. Please contact us to find out more.