IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Businesses Should Employ Security Checklists

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Businesses Should Employ Security Checklists

Complicated Operations

IT consulting firms in Los Angeles continuously update their technology offerings in order to remain competitive; this isn't restricted simply to new developments in terms of innovation. Because tech is always transforming and moving forward, vulnerabilities are likewise in continual flux. If you're going to operate new technology (or even old technology) with any measure of security, it is essential to silhouette operations in protection that is itself living and transitions with the market. Following is a security checklist to help you make more robust, effective security protocols:

  • Network security
  • Server OSs and apps
  • The data on your network
  • End-user devices, OSs, and apps

Network Security

The security of your computer network is paramount. Los Angeles IT support experts, generally, advise that all computers should have the proper antivirus and firewall protocols in place. Your network itself should have its own firewall, but it's not a bad idea to ensure computers on the network additionally have their own protections here. IT consulting firms in Los Angeles recommend that companies should update firewall security, antivirus security, and other areas where security issues are known to compound.

Server OSs and Apps

The operating systems and applications of your servers will become bogged down and anachronistic given time. The average lifespan of a server is between three and five years. Moore's Law predicates technological doubling every 18 months. If you're able to keep your servers functioning five years, then they are almost three exponential iterations behind what is cutting edge. The software and applications that initially defined them are now "old hat". You can get more mileage, but processing power and storage space may not be up to the task. Part of security involves upgrade, and sometimes replacement. Provided all apps and OSs are up-to-date, you can maximize your server investment.

The Data on Your Network

Network data will erode in its purity over time. As data is copied and transferred, files can be damaged. Additional factors can also contribute to degradation over time. Errors can manifest which keep files from booting as they should. Your network data needs to be analyzed. Redundancies need to be curtailed. An MSP can save internal tech teams time here or provide a solution where previously there wasn't one.

End-User Devices, OSs, and Apps

Smartphones, laptops, and other mobile tech are transitioning quickly in terms of OSs and apps. Updating, patching, and re-configuring is fundamental to security.

Smooth Operations

IT consulting in Los Angeles through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can reduce operational complication through smoother, more reliable tech. Contact us now to see how your tech systems can be improved.