How IT Support for Accountants Can Increase Visibility, Security, and Efficiency

How IT Support for Accountants Can Increase Visibility, Security, and Efficiency

IT support for accountants has become an integral tool to many CPAs that work with larger businesses. As a general rule, when an operation gets bigger, it gets more complicated. However, an organization can reduce the fallout from over-complication. This can lead to more profitable operations and greater reduction of taxable expenses.

Still, something that is absolutely paramount in the modern financial realm is proper security protocols. Using big data, varying organizational tools, and calculation software is wise; but if you do so without properly protecting your operations, there could be substantial fallout. Three prime areas where technology used as a means of optimizing an accounting firm's operational efficiency should be carefully protected include:

  • The perimeter
  • Endpoints
  • In the present--through network monitoring

The Perimeter

IT support for accountants uses the same sort of antivirus protocols, firewalls, and access conventions as other modern areas of business. Additionally, these perimeter "defenses", if you will, must be continuously patched and upgraded. Last May, the North Koreans launched a ransomware worm known as WannaCry that invaded business networks through SMB (Server Message Block) ports. Accidental misuse of the web or lax personal security wasn't the culprit facilitating viral infection. Instead, it was a built-in backdoor commissioned by the NSA. This information was made public in March, the worm came out by May.

Businesses that had proper perimeter protections, including patching and upgrade, were not affected by WannaCry. Those who did not, and were infected, found themselves in a rough situation. Perimeter security for an accounting firm is absolutely essential.


If there are multiple endpoints in an accounting operation, then it is essential those endpoints are secured. Cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) have made solutions like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) feasible. This can make accounting very convenient for a team of CPAs, optimizing operations and reducing associated infrastructural cost. However, if those devices aren't properly managed in terms of security, they'll just expand vulnerability in an almost exponential way. Login protocols, multi-factor verification, monitoring, access restrictions, and other techniques are all necessary here.

In the Present - Through Network Monitoring

You need your systems to be continuously monitored for greatest security, especially when mobile networks enter the picture--but the need is no less great amidst stationary networks. Ensure you find IT services for your accounting firm which feature proactive monitoring and support

Attaining Requisite Tech Solutions

IT support for accountants through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. can reduce operational complication, add value to your accounting firm, and properly secure your business in terms of perimeter, endpoints, and monitoring. Contact us for tech solutions that can bring your business profit.