Outsourcing IT Distribution Can Prove Quite Beneficial

Outsourcing IT Distribution Can Prove Quite Beneficial

IT distribution: it's complicated. Between supply chains, vendors, traffic, and weather, logistic decisions surfeiting distribution can prove a headache that isn't just physically exhausting. If you're doing everything internally, you're looking at some financial exhaustion, as well. However, outsourced logistics and distribution through the right MSP can provide the same level of service, a better level of service, at a reduced cost. This is one of the many reasons working with MSPs for distribution makes sense. Several other considerations include:

  • Better management of distribution fleets
  • Distribution data available in real-time
  • Support for mobile technology

Better Management of Distribution Fleets

IT distribution solutions can apply the latest in data collection and analysis to your fleets, allowing you to better maintain vehicles, choose more efficient routes which avoid weather or adverse traffic, and generally reduce the cost of distribution. From supply chains to the delivery of magazines, there are a lot of things that can prove unexpectedly expensive.

For example, say you distribute magazines locally every day to those who buy advertisement in your publication, but there are 10 regular distribution points which are closed on a regular distribution day for one reason or another. Instead of your distributors wasting time and fuel driving to closed locations, an MSP solution can keep tabs remotely and help to direct them down the most efficient paths, allowing them to finish distribution quicker and serve the closed businesses when they open again.

Distribution Data Available in Real-Time

Through IoT (Internet of Things) technology, more information on things like shipping, distribution, and supply chains can be gleaned than ever before. This information can be processed through Big Data protocols made effective via the cloud. Especially for large distribution operations, terabytes of data can be processed nigh-instantaneously, allowing businesses to make immediate decisions which expedite operations.

Support for Mobile Technology

Tablets, smartphones, monitoring equipment, laptops, and even devices designed to monitor engines can all be remotely managed with MSPs. It's better to do this through an external solution for reasons of security, liability, and operational efficiency. Certainly, internal solutions can provide the same services, but not at the same level. Think of it as changing a water-pump in your car's engine with friends in the backyard, as opposed to going the auto mechanic route. Unless you do such repair as a hobby, you save time and money through a good mechanic. It's the same with MSPs. The right ones save you time and money.

Optimizing Distribution

IT distribution through DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. provides mobile support, real-time data utility, better fleet management, and more. Contact us now to optimize your distribution.