IT Support for Manufacturing Companies: 4 Signs Your Computers are Infected with a Virus

IT Support for Manufacturing Companies: 4 Signs Your Computers are Infected with a Virus

Viruses are one of the top cybersecurity issues for any business. However, having IT support for your manufacturing company can help you avoid becoming the next victim of a virus attack. While anti-virus software can prevent the vast majority of problems, viruses can still infect your computers and cause massive damage. Here are four of the most common signs your computers are infected with a virus:

1. Applications Stop Working

One of the main symptoms of a virus is, your applications stop working or they are much slower than usual. Sometimes, folders within the apps are missing, which results in even more issues for your manufacturing company to remain productive and meet deadlines. However, you can contact a managed service provider (MSP) to perform a full scan on your computer and fix any issues before they develop into an even more serious problem.

2. Hardware Malfunctions

Another common sign of a virus is multiple hardware malfunctions. Have you ever noticed that your computer randomly shuts down or your CD tray opens without ever pushing a button? All of these issues can result from a virus. It is essential to have IT support for your manufacturing company that can help you avoid these issues.

3. Sending Spam Emails

Many times, a virus will cause your email address to send spam messages to your entire list of contacts. Besides potentially infecting more users, these spam messages can damage the reputation of your manufacturing company and can negatively impact sales. If you ever receive an email from a business contact that mentions these spam messages, it is critical to investigate this immediately and prevent them from causing more widespread damage.

4. Virus Popup Notifications

Many viruses use scareware tactics to force you to click on a link that claims your computer is infected with a virus. However, you should ignore any of these warnings unless it comes directly from your antivirus software program. The safest option is to contact an IT provider, and they can scan your computer for any infected files and remove them before they cause more damage.

Viruses wreak havoc on any company, but employing IT support for your manufacturing business can help you avoid experiencing downtime and loss hours of production. DCG Technical Solutions is an IT provider that specializes in providing businesses with the latest cybersecurity protection. Our IT experts understand the risks of viruses. One of our top priorities is to keep manufacturing companies protected at all times. If you want to secure your manufacturing business's cybersecurity, feel free to contact us.