IT Support in Burbank: Thin and Zero Clients Can Decrease Tech Costs

IT Support in Burbank: Thin and Zero Clients Can Decrease Tech Costs

It is time to consider the full removal of desktop computers for thin or zero clients. This replacement will reduce tech and energy costs and ultimately enhance your company's profit margin. So, do not assume the only way to reduce costs is to shift to the cloud, cut personnel, or try something off-the-wall. An IT support provider in Burbank can also help you save money with creative solutions like replacing antiquated desktops with zero or thin clients.

The Basics of Thin and Zero Clients

Thin clients are minimalist computers with limited memory and processing power. Thin clients use a simple operating system along with a network connection to tap into a more advanced system in which the actual computing occurs.

Zero clients work in a similar manner. The main difference between the two is there is no operating system or local storage on the device. The storage, software, and processing power remain on the server until needed. This arrangement makes it that much easier to keep costs under control.

Minimal Hardware Costs

Zero and thin clients are the top choice in terms of initial upfront costs. Traditional desktop computers usually start at several hundreds of dollars for each user, while thin clients have the potential to go on down to under a hundred dollars per user. There is no hard drive or moving parts, so such lean devices are more likely to prove durable and stand the test of time than the more conventional counterparts.

Less Energy

Thin and zero clients chew up less energy compared to conventional desktop computers. Regular computers perform processing locally, so they create a substantial amount of heat. This extra power and heat increase utility bills. Make the transition to thin and zero clients, and you will find they require a mere two percent of the power required by traditional thick computers.

A Simplified Approach to IT Management Saves Money

One of the most commonly overlooked benefits of thin clients is they allow for management from a server. There is no need to manually download information to each computer when an IT support team in Burbank can make the process that much more efficient. The update can be installed on the server and provided to the thin clients. The data center allows for fast and easy security configurations, backups and application deployments to reduce downtime and enhance productivity.

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