Why Businesses Need VoIP from an IT Consulting Firm in Los Angeles

Why Businesses Need VoIP from an IT Consulting Firm in Los Angeles

For business owners to improve the efficiency of communications systems, they need better technology, and IT consulting firms in Los Angeles recommend VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony. The technology is more efficient than legacy telephony solutions--- and cost-effective, too. Besides, it is rich in media features, which offer flexible functionality such as video calling and integration with business applications.

Below are more benefits of VoIP technology:

Improved Productivity

When calls are routed through VoIP telephony, they use an internet connection, which implies there’s unlimited availability of telephony services. Besides, you can call from anywhere to reach customers or employees.

Also, VoIP applications, such as Skype, allow you to store customer data and contacts on the same network for fast access, which promotes operational efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from the elimination of “phone tag,” since VoIP telephony from a Los Angeles IT support firm accommodates calls to ring on various devices before going to voicemail. Consequently, it will improve your customer support and accelerate the sales process owing to the effective communication.


IT consulting companies in Los Angeles offer VoIP solutions that are less costly than the traditional telephony services hence cost-savings. For instance, international and local calls are cheaper since they use the network bandwidth to process calls. Thus, all communications use the same network infrastructure deployed for data transmission within your organization.

Also, it cuts down costs incurred in commutes since it has built-in teleconferencing features for virtual meetings. Given that VoIP connections over Smartphones can be accessed from anywhere, you’ll save on phone costs, significantly.

Automated Assistance

The sophistication of VoIP enables you to program its telephony functionality to perform repetitive tasks on your behalf. For example, the virtual assistant of the system can relay frequently asked questions when customers call either during holidays or, after business hours. The assistant also helps route calls to the specific departments the customers need to get in touch with.

Call Recording

The need for proper business records on important calls is critical to any business today. Thankfully, VoIP offers such functionality and ensures that no calls or messages go unattended. In addition, it gives you the flexibility to identify the customer’s pain points and needs by reviewing logs.

As a result, this information will enable you to understand your customers better and serve them more efficiently with the understanding of what is relevant to them.

If you are interested in transforming communications within your business with VoIP technology, collaborate with us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. As a professional IT consulting company in Los Angeles, our services are tailor-made to match your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.