IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Understanding Router and Firewall Security Concerns

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: Understanding Router and Firewall Security Concerns

Malware affects more than computers. It also impacts networking devices made by an array of manufacturers. Known as the VPNFilter, this form of malware infiltrates web routers, storage devices attached to networks and firewalls. The attacks are so widespread and damaging that the FBI has advised everyone with a router to reset it. If you have not reset your router, are unsure how to do so, or are even slightly concerned about your company’s digital security, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help keep your data protected.

The Growing Importance of Router and Firewall Security

Malware that infiltrates routers and modems has been tied to Russian hackers. If your device is compromised, internet traffic will likely be blocked, transmitted data will be stolen and your web connection might be completely shut down. Take a moment to imagine the damage to your business’s productivity if your team cannot access the web.

As of the time of this writing, about half a million devices have been compromised across 50+ countries. The routers made by the biggest names in the business, from Linksys to TP-Link and Netgear, have been affected by the breach. Though the FBI deserves credit for acting quickly to thwart disruptions, the damage has been done.

Start by Asking for Help

The quickest way to learn something is to ask someone in-the-know. Our IT consulting team in Los Angeles has the answers you are looking for. There are countless different types of firewalls, routers, and devices, each of which requires a unique level of action to thwart the malware threat. If you are even slightly uncertain as to how these devices work, meet with a digital security expert for a full analysis of your tech infrastructure. This in-depth analysis will minimize damage and thwart subsequent infections.

Upgrade, Reboot and Reset

Those using a consumer-grade router or firewall should lean on the IT experts for an upgrade, reboot and reset. Our tech experts are here to ensure the latest version of firmware is applied to your device, guarantee your password is secure and ultimately do everything possible to prevent disruptions.

Even if you own or manage a small business, there is no sense using consumer-grade devices that provide insufficient protection. Upgrade to business-grade network devices that provide full security and your data will be that much more secure.

Are you in need of IT support, digital security services, disaster recovery, exchange mail support or anything else tech-related? If your organization is even slightly struggling with tech challenges, our IT consulting team in Los Angeles can help. Contact us at DCG Technical Solutions today!