IT Support in Los Angeles: Advantages of Hosted VoIP Services

IT Support in Los Angeles: Advantages of Hosted VoIP Services

Both SMBs and large corporations now use VoIP for business communications, which IT support providers in Los Angeles package as a hosted service. With a hosted VoIP service, businesses benefit from cost-savings, improved efficiency, and unlimited flexibility.

Besides, VoIP integrates with various business technology solutions, which implies excellent reliability that traditional telephony systems lack.

Hosted VoIP services give you the benefits of the technology without tasking you with the technical aspects of deploying and maintaining it.

Here are more benefits of using hosted VoIP:

Improved Customer Support Service

IT support providers in Los Angeles understand the need for a stellar customer support service and recommend the use of hosted VoIP to optimize customer service operations. The service allows you to run the operations center 24/7 with the use of:

  • Unified Communications (UC) - This facilitates the combination of phone calls, web chats, and email for communications between customer support personnel and your clients.
  • Smart Call Routing - VoIP technology offers flexible call routing, which allows you to direct a specific number of calls to your customer support representatives, depending on their skills level or specific qualifications.
  • Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) - This function helps you address the needs of your customers better by matching them with the department charged with their specific needs.
  • Reporting and Monitoring - This functionality helps you access metrics on the operations of the support center and make improvements, hiring qualified staffers and retiring unproductive ones, for example.


Hosted VoiP services are simple to manage, unlike traditional telephony solutions. For instance, there are no installations involved. Your business accesses the services on the cloud, which eliminates the need for on-premises hardware.

Instead, the technology uses your existing data networks, especially the LAN. Thus, you’ll have an easy time setting up the service, training your staff, and running it in the long-term.

Increased Productivity

When you switch to hosted VoIP, you can configure calls to ring on various devices simultaneously both on desktops and mobile devices. This translates to more productivity both on-premises and outside the office.

With such flexibility, your business benefits from mobility allowing the transfer of calls to mobile devices in case your on-premises workstations are affected by internet outage.

Thanks to data integrations, you will overcome the menace of missed class and gain access to transcripts of voicemails to address customer needs on time.

If you have thought of switching to business VoIP, get on board now and take advantage of the reliability and cost-efficiency of the technology. At DCG Technical Solutions, we offer cutting-edge IT support services in Los Angeles that can boost the productivity of your business. Contact us now to learn more.