How IT Support Services in Los Angeles Enhance BYOD Security

How IT Support Services in Los Angeles Enhance BYOD Security

The adoption of BYOD (bring your own device) has become synonymous with flexibility in the workplace, and IT support providers in Los Angeles offer business MDM solutions to enhance the security of the devices. Deploying a BYOD policy brings efficiency in work processes, but poses grave security risks, especially in a remote computing environment. This implies that hackers may compromise corporate data in case of a successful hacking attempt.

However, with a reliable BYOD security policy, it is possible to secure both the devices and corporate data in remote work environments.

Here are the leading data and mobile management methods:

Enforce Two-Factor Authentication

Although you may have a strong password policy in place, it is not a failsafe approach to deterring hackers. However, enforcing a two-factor authentication policy ensures that compromised login details cannot be used for unauthorized access to your corporate networks.

Deploy VPN

IT support providers in Los Angeles recommend the use of VPN to secure network connections. With a VPN solution, hackers cannot spy on your communications. Thus, it is virtually impossible for them to intercept data on transit.

Sensitive information transmitted or stored on BYODs can be secured by leveraging a virtual private network, which provides encryption for data for all your entire remote workspace.

Run Mobile Device Management Software

MDM software provides for a centralized administration of BYODs through which all devices with access to corporate networks are secured. For instance, in the case of a lost device, the IT administrator has the controls to wipe it or lock it virtually.

In addition, the software allows the control to administer access control levels in which only designated users have the permission to use specific networks.

You can also containerize corporate apps on the device to protect your information from mobile-based malware in case a virus infects the device due to a human error.

Turn on Mobile Application Management

A qualified IT support provider will assist you to run MAM on top of an MDM solution. The benefit of running MAM is that it offers an additional layer of security to protect enterprise apps.

Thus, the IT administrator centrally enables access to corporate data. As a result, the governance of enterprise apps such as hosted email services and cloud storage allows for the enforcement of a usage policy and employee monitoring to prevent the unauthorized access of data.

An effective BYOD security solution provides a flexible virtual work environment for your staff and defends corporate data against security threats. At DCG Technical Solutions, we’re a leading IT support provider in Los Angeles and we offer cutting-edge solutions to secure your BYOD environment. Contact us today to learn more.