IT Consulting in Los Angeles: All You Need to Know About the Dark Web

IT Consulting in Los Angeles: All You Need to Know About the Dark Web

The web has different strata or levels where different activities take place. Most users operate on the surface web where normal communication between businesses and their clients or between businesses themselves often take place. However, there is another level where most cybercriminals operate, this is called "the dark web". As a business owner, it is important for you to know of the existence of this layer or level within the web and go a step further to appreciate the threat that the dark web poses for small to medium businesses. Read on to learn what a leading IT consulting firm in Los Angeles has to say on this matter.

What is the Dark Web?

As the name suggests, the dark web is a place on the internet where a majority of cybercriminal activities takes place. Although not all participants in the dark web are cybercriminals, it is worth noting that a majority are. This is a place where identity thieves go to barter their stolen goods. Here, the cybercriminals price and sell stolen credentials, stolen credit card information, stolen documents, stolen account information, and other personally identifiable information.

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The Main Connection Between the Dark Web and Small Businesses

In our line of work as an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles, we have found that most of the personal data stolen from small businesses often end up on the dark web. There are many categories and sub-categories within the dark web specialized in different types of stolen information. For instance, it is commonplace to find a category that is solely dedicated to stolen credit card information, while another category specializes in stolen account information mined from financial institutions.

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Why Should You Care About the Dark Web?

The dark web is a bad place for small to medium businesses. This is because of the activities that go on at this place. Most of the personally identifiable information sold in the dark web comes either from small to medium businesses or from large corporations. Since small businesses are easier to target, most hackers focus on these businesses.

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How to Reduce Risks for Your Business

The first step would be to partner with a leading IT service provider that specializes in offering IT consulting services for Los Angeles businesses such as yours. At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we have what it takes to protect your business from the harms of the dark web. Contact us now and let our Los Angeles IT Consultant safeguard your critical corporate data and information.