IT Service in Los Angeles: How to Stay (Cyber) Safe This Halloween

IT Service in Los Angeles: How to Stay (Cyber) Safe This Halloween

Which is scarier: a ghost showing up on your doorstep asking for candy on Halloween or a hacker infiltrating your company's network and stealing financial data? For business owners, a cyberattack is definitely scarier. That's why IT service firms in Los Angeles want to wish you a Happy Halloween… and an even Happier National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Month sounds a lot more boring than Halloween. However, when it comes to your business, cybersecurity awareness is critically important. So, instead of giving out lollipops and candy bars, IT service firms in Los Angeles are handing out tips on how to keep your computers safe from the hackers lurking in the shadow:

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  • Backup your backups - Hopefully, you are taking regular backups of all your critical data. To ensure you can recover your data in case of a cyberattack, make sure you keep both a physical copy and a cloud copy.
  • Keep passwords changing and complex - You need a strong password policy to keep hackers out. Passwords should include letters, numbers, and special characters. Plus, passwords should be changed a minimum of every 90 days.
  • Get your software updated - Software companies regularly release security patches to prevent hacker infiltration. Make sure all your software is up to date on these patches. Either set it up to happen automatically or schedule a monthly manual update with an IT support provider in Los Angeles.
  • Use multi-factor authentication - Whenever possible, require both a password and a secondary authentication protocol to a user. It might be a code sent to a phone or a physical security option such as a fingerprint scan.
  • Take physical security seriously - Installing firewalls and keeping virus protection up to date is crucial. However, physical security cannot be stressed enough. No one should be able to access your company's computers or network equipment unless they are authorized.
  • Become aware of email scams - The easiest way hackers gain access to company networks is via phishing emails. That's why it's important to train your employees on spotting these emails and having clear protocols for handling them.
  • Protect your data - Your company needs clear guidelines on where data can be stored and accessed. For example, you don't want an employee downloading your customer list to a personal device. If that device is lost or stolen, your customer list is compromised.

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Each of these tips will help you fight off the cyber ghosts and ghouls year-round, not just on Halloween. If you want to learn more about securing your computers and networks from cyberattacks, contact our IT service team in Los Angeles at DCG Technical Solutions today.