IT Support in Pasadena: Advantages of Cloud-Based Financial Management

IT Support in Pasadena: Advantages of Cloud-Based Financial Management

IT support in Pasadena can be an essential part of your business in more ways than you may expect. Cloud computing is revitalizing accounting. Secure tech provisions make cost-savings from such innovations reliable. Consider these factors:

Technology Is Eradicating Previous Eras

IT support in Pasadena is necessary not just for convenience, or the PR angle which comes from having a cutting-edge infrastructural design. Staying contemporary is fundamental to avoid becoming anachronistic in a way that's not sustainable. Consider this: a "bit" of data would be like a letter "a".

Bits become bytes, bytes become kilobytes. At an average of four letters a word, a kilobyte would be about the size of a page in a paperback--they average about 250 words. 1,056 pages like that would make up a megabyte. 1,056 megabytes make up a gigabyte, and 1,056 gigabytes make up a terabyte.

A 5TB hard drive stores 5,887,018,080 pages at a kilobyte per page. That's between 3 and 5 million (depending on the printing parameters) copies of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, which averages about 400 pages per volume. That's too much data for a library; but you can fit it in a pocket drive.

Now consider this: Big Data as facilitated through cloud computing networks utilizing 1,000,000+ servers (in cases such as Amazon) simultaneously makes it possible to process a terabyte in essentially real-time instantaneously. Such ability can help financiers in diverse businesses get real-time data pertaining to operations, facilitating more careful management of assets than has ever been possible. Now consider this: Moore's Law intervals predicate doubling of computational ability about every 18 months.

Unification of Operational Management Reduces Expense

Cloud computing solutions make it possible to unify data and management of that data. This results in expense reduction through a diminution of time necessary to manage company finances. When everything is unified, you can identify where restructuring of revenue flow will benefit business. This is doable without tech, but it takes much longer.

Security Is More Substantially Facilitated via Cloud Computing

To be competitively viable, cloud computing providers must necessarily secure what they do as a core-prerogative of operations. Clients include big banks, and so there's no room for error. Such security resources often outclass internal financial security measures.

Updating Financial Practices

At DCG Technical Solutions, Inc., we can help you obtain tech solutions like the cloud which increase security, reduce operational expense, and keep you contemporary with swift technology changes in the market. Contact our IT support team in Pasadena for more information.