IT Support in Pasadena: What You Need to Know About Domain Name Renewal Scam

IT Support in Pasadena: What You Need to Know About Domain Name Renewal Scam

During our periodic review of cyber threats affecting businesses, we have noticed a surge in phishing scams in the form of domain name renewal scams. Based on our findings and experience as an IT support provider in Pasadena, we strongly advise that you read through this informative piece and take preventive measures to secure your business:

What is Domain Name Renewal Scam?

As the name suggests, a domain name renewal scam is a scam perpetuated by scam artists who dupe unsuspecting website or domain owners to switch domain registrars or pay for a hosting service that is about to expire. This scam is highly effective because scammers mine details of your domain or website registrations and use them to convince you to fall into their trap.

How Is This Scam Executed?

Similar to other phishing attacks, domain name renewal scams are intended to appear as though they are real. These phishing attacks are often executed via phone and email. Let us look at each of these:

  • Phone domain renewal scam - In our line of work as a professional IT support provider in Pasadena, we have discovered phone domain renewal scams to be on the rise. Some customers who spoke to us revealed that they had received numerous calls concerning an impending expiration of their domain names urging them to save their domains before they are registered to other willing buyers.
  • Email domain renewal scam - This is but a variation of the phone domain renewal scam. You are likely to receive an invoice requiring you to pay for the renewal of your domain name registration. Since the invoice looks legit and contains your domain registration details, you might panic and pay the fee. When you pay the scammer, you might have actually have handed over the ownership of the domain to the scammer and given them your payment details which they can use to hack into your accounts.

How to Avoid This Scam

As seen above, these scams are real, so avoiding them should be your top priority. Here, we share some tips on how to avoid them:

  • Read the fine print, double check all information before parting with your hard-earned cash
  • Renew your domain through the official website only
  • Don’t respond to anything coming from Domain Registry of America; it is a fake company

If you suspect that you are a victim of a domain renewal scam, reach out = to us at DCG Technical Solutions, Inc. As a leading IT support provider in Pasadena, we have experts that will help protect you from falling prey to future scams. Contact us now for more information.